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The review of creation of mini-composition\" Turquoise Paisley with a regular setochka with small knots of \"Klons\".  See details »

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  • 00:00: hi friends I'm glad all welcome on your channel thank you for coming in view this video from this video I want imagine small review new paisley such three-dimensional knobs as he knitted with such thread used to color scheme it
  • 00:31: very similar well almost the same most only here there is no lighter tint in principle can be applied to trim the flower's so what strings I used creation is of this pension yes this is also his kind of mini composition because she unites in itself also several elements of the main flowered dill then this one is here
  • 01:03: cucumber himself directly from our knobs too Setochka which we have Here's a self knobs and this one here three goes and so what am I here applied strings means in strings applied commercial contex production of Russia to Moscow that's one hundred percent viscose silk I linked it from here this flower
  • 01:33: 350 meters per hundred gram hereinafter for knitting here directly here this caterpillar Here these shishechek and trefoil I used strings of the brand name forever called they it's a Turkish company production of turkey composition of this wholly-owned microfiber yes that is
  • 02:03: acrylic and here the footage its 300 meters and we have 300 meters at fifty grams then there are here such the strings are very nice colors for they are such bluish blue turquoise turquoise such in general to read it very suitable farther it means that I have two sets applied strings yarnart trade mark
  • 02:35: it means production of turkey 282 meters per 50 grams 100 percentage mercerized cotton very pleasant to me I like it very well lays down further for strapping here internal strapping and outside of the side here this is ps3 to trefoil I applied strings sapphire means this production of italy but for the brand
  • 03:05: sean here produced in italy to order BBC brand and thread length 500 meters a hundred gram means there is a small Again, the advice is not unpack at once from this transparent film cube because she flows very quickly this thread and quickly very confused so draw here is the tip here thread such here that have find this one
  • 03:36: small is nodule if so not is obtained means you can here so lightly powder the style and then back it up put on created dissolve because I recommend all the same do not clean up at all otherwise she is very quickly gets confused here what I mean applied to
  • 04:06: create this phantom tools that is I used to work hooks trading stamps clover ta Japanese trading firm which produces highly high-quality hooks thoughtful ergonomics in general that's I just do not have any words very cool hooks with whom tired to knit quite
  • 04:36: will fall though not at all release suddenly on I also applied needle for the visually impaired by the way I use it needle brand ponies that is here such needles very much too high-quality needles number 4/8 because that is tried or tasted thinner very quickly
  • 05:06: breaks these needles very high-quality for for our knitting y there is a slit here here on top of the end on the ears allows you to quickly hide us and hunger and strings in needles strings when after knitting need the ends to hide the thread making a mesh also and accordingly I used once I use this golf our thin-nosed pliers
  • 05:37: I took borrowed from spouse from the set but they are very often sold in stores they let us very comfortable work pulling and hum as we have dense elements mating is dense and that do not hurt needle fingers we grab these thin-nose pliers like which allows and a narrow spout and pad clamping
  • 06:08: very good pull the needle so I used scissors for I have needlework such here and not so long since For ten years I have I use such herons Komi that's where it starts knitting this paisley that is, first I linked this a flower after which it means knitting caterpillar cords for
  • 06:38: ways of knitting tied up shamrock and farther continued knitting attached here flower if you connect more here this can be attached this is the second the petal that is here already choose after linked this I started the shoe knit these here bumps shishechka which is very
  • 07:08: yarn allows to knit from it it is convenient to knit these volume buds are not very good thanks to bulkiness of yarn very well holds this volume is because that if I applied another no where for example the viscose used for knitting here flower it is heavy and she does not say so keeps it from it as well
  • 07:40: the first difficult to knit because the thread does not twisted and so to speak slippery yes then here it is these here knobs from this bulk yarn is very more comfortable to knit after I connected means these here are also the ways immediately if hall a here these here petals that kind of remind if you saw
  • 08:10: picture on if as he grows nature he such unpretentious such ugly fruit yes with such rough such with such jumps then these are our leaflets this time as like you also recall recalls and setochka to which I am after how I tied up hid all the tips Further tied up a string sapphire viscose outside and crossed
  • 08:41: from the inside, I tied it up these are the peak After this I hid the tips thread through turned the leaf and fixed it on tablet pins as often as possible crochet already crochet in In this case hook I one more applied hook 06 06 forgot about him to say but here 06
  • 09:15: which I knit here directly regular mesh here it is regularly because equally cell and knitting these cells and I by tying these bumps that gave directions so that they look only one way that is, here there is such a unusual reception all about it very much in detail master class I I show I explain explaining i.e
  • 09:45: will be devoted to I forgot this word illuminated master class is how link this product flowers can be You can also change combine it with Previous by if yes that is, instead flower you can this link and merge them that is here you can vary as your my soul and more like either
  • 10:16: some other she flower apply either generally half only a flower can be for 3 petals do something here already in general your options that is I'll tell you now I suggest, as it were, such ideological thoughts its up to you can you take advantage in your apply a volume or otherwise this very looks great You can apply it
  • 10:46: as well as previous paisley as an application it is possible to somewhere on some product crosslinked or bound or on a handbag or there is still something to eat application set but also directly 1 first of all we it is used when creation of products in Irish lace that is knitting cardigan for example yes or there may be dress some where
  • 11:16: husband here is this for if apply by overplaying it from all sides in small elements and it will be Very good to look that is properly positioned it in the composition in general therefore very interesting element I turned out articles herself did not expect when it was created therefore all in a whiff that is here I have an idea coming and I see that there is but what in the end
  • 11:47: it will already be then you realize you understand twist-you turn it in hand to photographing you look from the side that is, this is it there is if I do not I liked of course would dissolve that is and such a person as would not accept the fact that I like this one for if as well as the previous one will be participate in drawing and which I told up to 15 May and the master class is already
  • 12:18: for those who do not will win yes but at the same time for you want you can buy will purchase but after the drawing so I'm now I do this here small review I tell you further for yourself accept the decision has its own about acquiring you can you use this video see first all threads are spelled out
  • 12:49: who are here also used I added where I can be found links to my social networks and my my mail directly to you can tell me write about what you would like to acquire or some do you still have questions there is after May 15 I of course, there add video
  • 13:19: for purchase master class room of your card up to which can be pay Here and so thanks for Attention I was very happy grant to present to you new is products song yes here so apply use your products
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