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  • 00:00: Hello everyone today I answer your question how to connect immediately several motifs here not just among themselves one with two motives other but when it is already there are several Connection I I'll show it I knit here on the example of Now I'm knitting myself sweat I knit in a circle that There are connecting motif I have seen here and this connection is here just I But with vyvyazyvayut one side has
  • 00:30: I knit here verhushechku ie to But on shoulders of 20 reasons for this side now here the rear side of the same thing that is and how time will show how connect this one pattern looks like this is not very like then I show ready product that I will begin and knit already show initially to knit himself motive I will not
  • 01:01: link on the screen move us click on a reference and if you go interesting to see how to knit initially this motive I I showed dovyazala Now I have a motive as it were Knit and here the last row we So I see here Now knit two petals or fan faithful a certain pattern that's more here Next I'll be here attached and so
  • 01:32: this is our most extreme row now I provyazyvayu 6 stitches 1 2 3 4 June 5th knit and more at We go to the bars sc provyazyvaem So we would like first remember the five missing and the second here to displacement was
  • 02:04: provyazyvaem post with nakida here provyazyvaem and sc provyazyvaem himself column 1 and now I will joining me here at already have motives that Now connected two motifs e.g. each other and that's the third here in between will do compound and so compound I
  • 02:34: do here here here these reasons and here here's this motives that is here 3 joins motif It can be seen here on most have risunochek So we take this motive and now this here petelechki here to the first tabs to Now this post with can attach Now connect the first I connect column without nakida so on
  • 03:04: To move to Here's to the next next petelechki Now here's the next Collar we will can provyazyvat but also a column to It was very rough just this petelechku Look, I'll show to be seen as Now I'm just looking for some hook in the top five and I do not do bar
  • 03:34: just stretch this petelechku here in loop's column Now that we've just just knit next sc on hook and provyazyvaem the following loop it is our his mother we were binding in Currently here next loop again column with sc knit here further
  • 04:04: again here here here here following loop we start hook and pull this is about petelechku pulled into our loop again nakida on the hook provyazyvaem post with sc knit here our loop Again we start the hook
  • 04:34: the next loop Here's the previous this motif here factories and pull the loop in our loop here so hope that all can be seen I try to close show again on the hook sc again next our loop motive that we dovyazyvaem provyazyvaem post with Now knit sc loop hooks
  • 05:06: is the next loop here previous his mother with which we we connect we start hook We pick up this loop and just now We get it in our loop and do sc again provyazyvaem on post with sc so knit the same thing now the same as we start
  • 05:38: hook again loop here previous motive and Here we extend our petelechku we knit again do sc on the hook and following here loop provyazyvaem column with sc knit Collar It is here to the hook We get hooked again
  • 06:08: But to this motif in and the following loop We stretch the loop that is not provyazyvaem column, without sc just stretch loop and then here You see here gladenko it turns out that is if we will provyazyvat to table columns can also be but it turns out as a would then no such happens if the columns, without sc about call here as the but such a Bug
  • 06:38: Rachek get too in principle it is possible, too, not bad but I try I'm so over like ie then evenly and obtained knitting and how to such a fusion here products like Now it turns out there is no there Reputation of such more beautiful nice view that is if you just stretch loop let's connect continue to knit again sc on the hook again provyazyvaem post with Now knit sc
  • 07:08: Collar is on the hook and the next Now loop previous motive We get hooked We pick up this loop and here and and We pulled through our loop here so is Connect again sc on the hook again with a column sc this loop is on the hook and
  • 07:39: following here loop again just as well Hook plant in two at once strings here have brought We picked up the hook loop and stretched our knit and so on Knit factory in loop stretch again next sc column with sc
  • 08:10: again next loop we start previous crush stretch loop and the last here column with nakida here and here's the latest petelechka too plants are knit then we go 6 stitches 1 2 3 4 May 6 here this here
  • 08:40: reasons we have put together you see how beautifully turned eggs on Unite But with this explanation here 6 eyelets we knit further provyazyvaem next veerochek column with nakida here one first eyelet skip here and following provyazyvaem here in this loop provyazyvaem
  • 09:11: column with sc Knit the second and join We start here with this Here's motives the first column here it petelechka I provyazyvayu column this is the first on I move on to the next here are five now, I thread take to
  • 09:42: Here we could see here knit the first joined But with the first five on the following loop we start talking Now hook in the loop and this loop here We pulled through our loop on sc on the hook provyazyvaem next post with and knit sc just here further stretching But in the hook
  • 10:15: the following loop previous motive which we connect and stretch the loop in our loop then knit a column with sc our motives are Here we dovyazyvaem knit back here to be seen was following I am looking for some loop hook here picking up the
  • 10:47: loop Th and introduce here in our pull loop thread on again pounces on the hook and provyazyvaem column with sc and then pull petelechku next again with a column sc and so knit continue here next Collar with bar
  • 11:18: sc knit following I hope that is seen We take this part to not merged's stretch again sc on the hook provyazyvaem post with sc picks up here
  • 11:48: the following loop pulling it into our sc on loop hook thread is not captured We need now thread previous Mother Eve hit so and sc provyazyvaem post with sc knit picks up again
  • 12:21: loop and sc next post with nakida again swoop loop so provyazyvaya here last Knit next 6 stitches 1 2 3 4 June 5 and then just
  • 12:51: dovyazyvaem our motive then we are no longer just connect dovyazyvaem here in each loop pardon me little that is we are not the first loop
  • 13:24: provyazyvaem mouse shimmy the second start provyazyvat 2 3 4 6 7
  • 13:54: 8 9 10 11 6 so now Article 2 3 4 5 6 stitches and Chick here and the last veerochek need knit together with you so 1
  • 14:24: skip second We start provyazyvat 1 second the second column with nakida 3 4 5 6 7 8 and 11's Knit
  • 14:55: Now 1 2 3 4 5 6 stitches and check us go and attach here Second eyelet 12
  • 15:25: rise with us in the beginning connect polustolbikom here They stretched and now thread and tighten so let's cut the see this is what We came here this motive that we here attached here at We had two together related motive and So we tied 3
  • 15:55: is about the place tie one's ki one like a petal and Here is a place bandaging Here can be seen another can be clearly seen that the I like it more than columns here bars without sc provyazyvat joining me just like pull loop But in our top five as As I have shown here then it turns out that's without tubercle here Here though, in principle, if you look More comfortable
  • 16:26: columns, without sc please connect connect the principle exactly connections and Peter Cook Only five I I stretched and you it can columns to do that is here already like you more like hope questions in your answer ask questions subscribe to my video channel set huskies bye bye to new meetings