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  • 00:00: hello neighbors yes there were a party Natalia middle Sorokin and filmed master class on form and we decided not to delay the response visit and today we take away from family itself Sorokin and shoot small
  • 00:30: master class on design which is very like many I am also a master at his stare and I did not want understand the the intricacies of the new understand that what is written one thing to see live how to create a body Master is much spectacular in terms of training so today look like like past game peter good wave pattern day
  • 01:02: he changed his mind a year masters in the country one of the dogs I I put just such a wicker basket school with casket pattern that I saw the vast Internet is very cute I liked a little I understood made text recording and risunochek here has tried to reproduce Well PS Islands I esteemed that this drawing too like many
  • 01:32: Master and they would We want to repeat promising a master class So we decided to take it off in fact here He is a person so how weaving that of some excellence especially no three just nuances I would like to highlight and offer you and a circuit pattern text form why pattern waves of the same this pattern and Ira Penkina have trailed casket and you too
  • 02:03: one of the reviews said that reminiscent of the wave may we also decided call him names moon really It can be like that what the waves and so Well Well firstly I already written and now I repeat the number of risers in the pattern should be a multiple of 16 the more the better I pletonochka Round Shape I
  • 02:33: understand that if It was oval or rectangular it risunochek slept He poked a clearer means that it Well as it turns out at least to a minimum rapport pattern repeated three times it means 48 64 and so so so on height figure will repeated too 16 through series means natural
  • 03:03: if it is just only 16 rows here's even drawing in fact I can not see me here I could repeat only twice but then over height both hassle higher better means We come about that major products is figure will look very beautiful thing to pay attention to the source from which this risunochek all We saw the stanchions Thicker them too
  • 03:35: It can be screwed on a thicker needle then they will have good or do Cardboard can be but do not 2u 2 they have bowls then be weaving It must be so gently to here exactly double the hassle not attracted attention and were both single unit I I tried to make on the single but I is very I tried to close is very close to each other
  • 04:05: look at me here about centimeter further that even here these as their stanchions I applied I applied if they are not not crush those not tribes are not working ducts not crush Do you know that some patterns we it and weave it turns out beautiful here Here is the other way around looseness seems to me lubricate your risunochek what do you need to say Of course here
  • 04:35: It turns drawing on contrasting colors here twig in store form enter with orange blue on the bottom glued here such fragments of such napkins so Here, too perfect Names chosen colors orange and blue on orange tank we generally would not be here and Now all the actual let's see how
  • 05:05: Specifically, we will all perform well, Now let directly proceed to weaving then we have 48 the hassle see each sixteenth old man, I note other color is It will be at the beginning of our report here 1234 if so here are my 16 visits 16 of 16 m glue tube which side weave
  • 05:38: It has absolutely no no meaning if some it risked points impact here as we have cotton weaving here absolutely unimportant in which side you weaves Well now let's then look here I also remember a pattern diagram look here, I do not even I know most spin from left to right so I immediately made numbering on the left Well, right and bottom up to go wider daughter as a means
  • 06:08: understand this scheme our black or painted our rectangles is stanchions wherein the working tube It passes in front of the view in front of them here see if you 1 I will cancel the poison let's say if I go left to right, then here at my first old man Here he was the first old man he is lighter
  • 06:38: It means our working tube extends beyond These prepared 1 2 3 3 Black rectangles again Black means to therefore further our working tube will take place in front of three continue for three to one of three not pass for two and in front of two or more risunochek will I repeat plet
  • 07:08: from right to left then I will begin to weave here my two black rectangles Working tube goes before two for two days in front of the three and so on this circuit which can be read and weave each well other than that I completed text launched more convenient Test records can be 10 sense of
  • 07:39: this check as they conveniently 22 similar 2 unambiguous I examine options specifically to his weaving here I 1 I begin to weave Right now I have n gray gray this is when the speakers tube goes for small stands and when the light So I loved the tube I read or light already know before two for two before one
  • 08:09: for three, and so on series end then here is my first stay chop labeled I glue tube previous and here I am start start still a time before two I make cork peretrite 20 minutes. It goes on for two spend his the following two laid plump do not rush turn shape read on before
  • 08:39: a and goes on for three then in front of one Cork for three more time here too I do flat, I do not know not I know not tried axis do flat It may be too risunochek will be very grow beautiful or do you look can show indeed even more efficient so it is for the three we then it comes again give for the three and it for three days
  • 09:09: since then we have before three and one in front three and then and look for one I check yourself all ended our first row really here at I went for the second our second unit the figure so we continue to weave our risunochek
  • 09:39: Now I want to pay your attention about building ducts though of course still well aware that we are stepping up our Working tubes for clashes to interface to be seen if our of the cars will be more wide or more closely spaced each other that it never will noticeable in me drawing now I should proplesti pass him and three that is here in anywhere between here my fingers can
  • 10:11: change the tube have to increase tube well, as backfilled and it's just same as all my easy to work with these scissors cut diagonally sure here I use glue Dragon adhesive pva me is not suitable because it is more for a long time withers but here you must I take the tube, and also, and knead well in except for the hands tip to be dressed in his
  • 10:41: connect so that the finger well curled and more for once tube so that it elastic all and now she not going away in front of one of the three I go on drawing all built up and We continue further so So I proplela 1 2 3 I would like a number pay attention to nes that I
  • 11:13: I had to face when weaving Now we look namely the fact he I plate it is true then we'll talk about when suddenly a friend We arrive at the other side see 3 and when you We finished already Sinton I need to miss for two lines here I ends end my a third group of 100 points Now begin at 4 here I for two small stands now
  • 11:44: I look at the 4 total does not start again for two lines that is, Essentially here is my tube should lie just four Rack is not suitable it means a lot and drawing just such more will not be so I got out of position I naturally in the third row proplela 1 rack and the rest, and before one little disturbed pattern realize and so well,
  • 12:14: then if we 4 venti look like just here he comes, he that begins 2 day and ends just me it just same here it It happened before I went further weave again already Entries for the two now he I went 4 for two before three, and so on more for once when I give weave to the end 4 of y I just get in front of the 1 there is something which I do not So he began
  • 12:45: get in front of it exactly the same, we still look here the transition from 8 to 9 here again I I bring a focus the fact that I plet right I will need to proplesti last for three points and 9 from the start of the two that is, once the record racks mean here here I am not soak for three and for two here it is in front of me then as ac and beyond
  • 13:16: at the end of the ninth series and risunochek absolutely not literally broken two words if we We will spin left right here's a look at text entry seventh series that end this we need proplesti per well oncoming 8 will we We need to Netting for the Three and money-and it will be 4 have here the same way Now of these three one need
  • 13:46: will proplesti train and all this bag will not I will be paid to the attention when you themselves encounter when weaving you will see The plant pipe three more than in the three . It is ugly so one of these 100 points and the first or last you are flying changing bend tubes in our general, and the whole master
  • 14:16: Class I, and said, special skill no everything is fine own chintz weaving with highlights which I faced and which can be I pay attention there seems to be indicated show all 16 series I think not very advisable because it It takes a lot of time and looking at the diagram and look here constantly feel attention should be that nobody
  • 14:47: distracted focused risunochek itself too you gave to appear Thank you so much Natasha, I think I then release the already to plate show results thank you very much if any questions at I will go and I call on them later describe a man text before Article Master Class but now we are waiting more pleasant moments you do not want tantalize guests long woven so Thanks a lot for today Zagora
  • 15:17: the question is always kind ready to help reply We also ask themselves and do you learn around we each other Thank you so much