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traveling bag from jeans a lesson 1

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  • 00:00: hey guys today I'm going to be showing you how to make this beautiful bag as for old pair of denims and an old skirt you'll also learn how to zip the bag and also how to finish it inside out very neatly so let's get started before you start off with this project you need to have prepared your flat denim panels and bonded the denim to lining fabric for which I have done two separate videos and links are coming up right now once you're ready please continue watching this video where I show you from start
  • 00:30: to finish I'll just show you how to prepare this and then to serve this is still open and the way I did this is basically take a two inch wide piece of fabric all straight and then pass it through the other ends and it comes out slightly folded like this and you have to press it with hot iron before this opens up again and you keep pressing all the way through and you end up with this nice long tape basically place this and
  • 01:01: then sew on either side I have sewn all of this I haven't sown this just I'm just going to sew an edge stitch on on both the edges before I go ahead and sew I have also prepared my handle this was the other panel that was left out of the denim I have made two long wide strips I just took what whatever width I could get and I basically fold it into half this I did not use any attachment for this because we can't get this wide an attachment so I fold it into half and I've made a nice long piece so what I'm
  • 01:32: going to do I am going to put this tape in the center like this and then sew on either side that way my back handle is finished on both the sides I'm going to go ahead and do this and then this one together when I sew now I take the tape places in the center
  • 02:04: the edges are not these edges are not really neatly cut off but I'll do that later place it in the center and sew on either side I have prepared my handle and I have cut all the edges all around my back panel and I have placed my handle quite comfortably where I want it to be the opening here is more than enough for my arm hold is just a sling on my shoulders so I have given about six inches wide
  • 02:36: gap in between the handles and centered it I'm going to show you a simple step instead of marking everything basically what you do just fold it into half like this this will be same portion as this one place your handle that way they both meet each other and when you actually measure it it will be identical to this handle in positioning so that you don't have to do a lot of marking so go ahead and pin it and then go and sew just to stay stitch this is not a complete stitch this is not a permanent stitch
  • 03:07: just to stay stitch so it stays on there because the denim is too thick we have to cover the fabric on top because this won't fold properly and it won't give a neat finish I have secured the handles with a sit here I've got extra pieces of these strips left so I'm just going to go ahead and sew from one end to the other end so that this finishes at the edge of the handle and then I sew on both the side that way I don't have to worry about finishing the edges I'm not going to film this because this is just a simple straight stitch so I'm going to
  • 03:38: place this and sew all the way whilst I do this I'm just going to go ahead and sew and leave that to an inch inch and a half from the top and then secure it around this edge as well but we don't want the handle to be flopping about okay I have got the handle sewn in the next step is we're going to sew the zipper before we do the zipper we need to make some markings at this stage just make sure that you have your knot marks on both sides and also you have the notch mugs in the center there is there
  • 04:08: is a possibility that it might have moved a little bit just go ahead and just make sure you make the marking and just make sure they're all in place because I think in here it's hidden underneath it's almost sometimes it hides underneath the tape so I've made sure my markings are all here you will understand this in the end what I'm going to do I have made a few pin marks and instead of having it round I just want to make it a bit more straight edge
  • 04:38: so I have got a little bit more shape to the bag so I'm going to go ahead and trim just this corner here so it kind of instead of a round shape it probably end up will still end up being round I just wanted to give it a bit more different chain so I'm going to go and do this now because I've done it on one side I'll just go ahead and fold this match the two knotch marks in the center here and
  • 05:09: go ahead and trim the other side of the bag I've got my zipper in a row so it would be advisable just determine that you go and find measure this area and this is coming up to about 24 I would like my zipper to be to come a battle there so this is about 24 inches so if I said that I wanted a finished length of 24 inches I'm going to go ahead and cut my
  • 05:40: zipper to about 30 inches because I will need a little bit extra here and we always need a little bit extra to open this out it doesn't have to be you can buy a closed end zipper but when you make bigger bags like this it's advisable that you have it on a roll then you can actually making it slightly longer smaller whichever you need you just have the option which is nice to have so I'm just going to go ahead and measure my zipper all the way and then how a few inches extra so that's going
  • 06:12: to be my zipper I'll just put a pin across because this is continuous if oh and I've got a few of I don't want it to go any further because it just stops the pen just stops the puller to going any further so that's my zipper hold in place so I'll go ahead uncut I'll just go ahead and cut away from my pen I have just hand so even by chance that I just open it my zipper won't open
  • 06:45: up the same way I'll go ahead and place a pin at the end as well because it's so easy when you're pulling and sewing and after that you end up tearing your hair and up hitting your head thinking old gosh what did I do so it's always better that you put a pin there and then when you're working with your zipper it's always much easier okay so I'm going to keep it aside you follow exactly the same procedure even if you're using a normal zipper but if you're making big bags like these I
  • 07:16: would advise you to just go on a go for a zipper on the roll it will be a little bit difficult to sew in the center because this is a number 5 zipper but anyway I'll show you what to do okay we open this up so just make a marking let's take this together and somewhere halfway through where you want the zipper to end I'm just going to place a I'm just going to make a notch mark probably need to go a little bit lower there and taking that notch mark make it
  • 07:48: on the other side as well my denims become quite thick and heavy now because of all the bonding that we have created so it's a bit difficult to make notch marks but they were if you can't then you can make pen marks okay so I go ahead and make exactly the same marks on these side as well this is where this is where I need to start my zipper so let me hold let me keep about
  • 08:19: an inch extra at this edge turn your zipper around and place it onto there and I'll set just put a pin and now I open my zipper I go and sew an edge stitch you can actually come quite close to the zipper if you have got a zipper foot but if this is your first project just go for a four inch stitch and just make sure
  • 08:51: that all your bindings are covered and when you come to this corner just turn it naturally it will end up in a nice bend it won't be like shape you like this but it will end up in a nice Bend so I'm going to go and sew all the way around and when I come to the other point where I need to stop so this is where I need to stop however I'll go ahead and sew another one at 1 inch extra that's more than enough but my point will always be the the ending point will always be the
  • 09:21: notch but I'll go ahead and sew about an inch extra on this side I start an inch before I start a little bit before my notch mark and go and sew a quadroon stitch and I come to the corner I just turn it like this ok I have sound the
  • 09:51: zip on one side now before we sew on the other side I'm going to go and close the zip and just make sure you don't go over this edge because this is an open end here and I place my Center mark to
  • 10:22: Center mark right in the center of my bag just make sure this corner is centered as well and just go and find the starting point of my zip because it just needs to sit flat like this here and go and make a pen mark like this and now I can open my zip you saw from the end of this F to the
  • 10:56: beginning and you saw on this side you saw from the beginning to the end because I am right handed so like most of most people are it would be easier if you're left-handed but what we need to do is just go on pin pen across all the way here we can serve from the other end one of the things that I do advise you if you can just go and so from behind that way you're the starting point and when we sew from this end sometimes this the tape might have a
  • 11:26: little bit of stretch ability or your fabric might stretch a little bit you might end up having a wrinkle which will then create lots of problems of final finishing which won't be very nice what I'm going to do because I've got my pin here even though I have to sew it two times I'm just going to go and sew an edge stitch all around and then come and check whether this is holding properly if it isn't then I have to put other edge stitch here it makes to terms of stitching but it's lot more easier than I'm picking everything in sewing again
  • 11:56: okay now that we have sewn the zipper on both the sides I'm just going to open it a bit more turn it turn it inside out and this almost gives us the finished
  • 12:29: shape of the bag and now I'm going to go and close the zip and see if this is sitting properly or not because this is the stage where you will know whether it's load of fabric that's sticking inside here because we've got that extra elements of seams so just be careful that you don't pull this zipper off this
  • 13:03: is the worst thing that can happen because it just comes off and it's such a nightmare so we're almost at the shape of the bag now now the corners are all fitting neatly but I think my zip is showing through a little bit too much so might go and put another stitch close to the edge of the zipper which I'm not going to film and basically we are just going to put on the secure stitch on the zip and once it's done we are going to finish the inside out and so let me just open this again and I'm going to go and sew and
  • 13:36: the next thing we're going to do is put a piping across and close all of this so it's neatly finished inside because we've done such a neat job inside I don't want all these seams to be showing through when you open the bag we can't line it because this is already bonded okay I'm going to go and sew another stitch on the top of the zip because in some areas it's not even some takes a little bit more and some takes a
  • 14:06: little bit less but before I do that I have got a half an inch bias tape here I'm going to place it on the top because we want it all neatly finished inside I'm going to place it on top like this and just sew on the edge along with sewing on the zipper I'm placing my basket on the top where I've started my sewing of the zip and just sew a next stitch I'm just going to cut this off just before my
  • 15:14: zipper ends we don't need to turn we don't need to turn the corners or anything just sew just normally we go ahead and do we go ahead and do the exactly the same thing on the other side here is your zip and that's the other edge now we need to go and trim this edge which is lying extra because what we're going to do is take the zip like this fold fold it in and put a top stitch on the top here okay here is your
  • 15:47: bias binding I'm going to now I'm going to just press this into there and start sewing on the top there is your zip there is you there is you zipper and that's the bias binding we have just sewn I'm going to fold it into there this is a little bit tricky but once you get through it you'll be alright I have put my needle right to the other edge and I'll just press this and then sew a top stitch when you come to this
  • 16:21: corner it's a little bit tricky because you have to really really press it down and then do a stitch this is where bias binding is quite good because it kind of sits even though it's quite wrinkly it kind of sits quite neatly my stitches just come off here but I'm just going to go ahead and sew one more time on the top later on
  • 16:52: I have finished putting the top stitch on the bars and we're just going to go ahead and finish the bag now open the zip all the way through and then I turned it inside out just make sure my launch marks are in place and then I go ahead and close the zip a little bit because this side it needs to be where
  • 17:22: the zip needs what I will do I'm just going to go half an inch stitch from here and just take a curve and then I need to find where I actually finished my I need to find where my notches because the notch is now hidden so might have to make a new marking which really doesn't matter because I'll take the center marking in between the handles and then I go out and measure and this is coming to about 13 inches I go ahead and mark 13 inches again I go from the
  • 17:54: center and I go ahead and mark 13 inches here which is just about coming to there coming to the beginning of visit we have marked where we want to serve from the zip from here to here now we need to make another marking just for the base of the bag to give a bit more depth so I'm just going to do a close up okay this is this is the edge of the bag now I'm going to mark half an inch seam here so which is going to be around there and now after a mark half an inch seam I
  • 18:26: just go ahead and mark two and a half inches and two and a half inches from this side as well I go ahead and join this in a straight line so if I take two and a half inches from there two and a half inches from my seam which is that square so basically I just go and cut this square off you can take this as a template and cut
  • 18:59: off on this end here or you can exactly can mark it exactly like how I showed you before so instead of sewing all the way from the end I'm just going to go half an inseam from here until the marking that I have made we go and sew half and then stitch all the way across till the beginning of the zip this part this part is a little bit
  • 19:42: tricky because it's quite thick and this is where you need to be very careful when you're so we have sown the side of the bag and this is the extra zip and I'm going to cut it off about two inches extra now this one I'm just going to leave it loose at this stage you could just go and sew a little piece of fabric here so that it looks neat from inside I'm going to lift this up this is where the only definite we need to finish this part so it doesn't look quite as ugly
  • 20:12: and a lot of fabric inside I don't need so much of fabric so I'm just going to trim it's a half an inch seam so I'm going to trim a little bit not quarter inch not so much of quarter inch but just a little tiny bit in the side so I get the so I can just bind it and then kind of finish it neatly from inside here is my bias binding I just fold the edges and then fold it into half and make a crease mark and basically just
  • 20:43: hold this in together and go and sew the binding on the top so when you open the bag inside then it's neatly finished I'm not going to film this because I have covered this in I have covered how to put do a bias binding which I'm going to put a link just now so basically just hold it in like this and then just put a top stitch okay I have sewn the bias binding from this edge to this edge this is the beginning of the zip that you can see and let me trim this extra bit off
  • 21:14: and then this corner we're just going to hold it in like this and go and sew a half an inch seam go and sew a half an inch stitch from here to here okay I have sewn the edge from here to here basically the way we finish this would be take a bias binding fold on both the edges just a little bit you know it really doesn't matter if it's in a bit more a little bit less and fold it into half like this and hold it in on
  • 21:45: both the edges and then just go and so on the top I have already finished the other side so I'm just going to show you this one and basically fold it in and sew a top stitch I have also finished the edge of the zipper with a little bit of bias binding maybe inside of the bag once we do this you're inside of the bag is all neatly finished and we're done with the bag really need to make sure you push the corners of the bottom of the back
  • 22:17: properly because that's what's going to hold it as a base the bag is now finished and it's looking really really pretty and this is looking gorgeous this almost looks like a designer bag you