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Correct arrangement of water-pressure system  See details »

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  • 00:00: Expected Result work drillers water fountain spray refreshingly compacted court surface and until drillers ends his jobs Master weather the discharge the equipment is ready pump installation the next step complex improvement drinking wells carefully spinning nuts Dmitry warns of possible causes stoppage of work they pump customer you need to know before since the beginning well use biggest reason it is called
  • 00:31: the lack of water All works selected water from the well I began to seize air and water well can perhaps end only one reason correctly matched or a pump pump always selected from hydraulic engineering characteristics wells if the pump is put it is too powerful kill a well Strava debit if permissible bury too great depth the Vodicka will go always muddy before so how to choose pump model needed obtain a passport on
  • 01:01: well, indicating all its parameters Passports are issued only professional drilling companies who take warranty obligations each stage resettlement the water system to buy the pump need to correct take into account the depth of wells and and diameters family need water pump capacity especially important to know the specific yield and the degree and potential litter pollution may well sand and debris from falling foreign objects and outside, and protects sealed headroom and the possibility
  • 01:31: penetration perched and microbiological pollution and includes dual-abs from when the steel tube places uPVC plastic from external sources Well do not fall or daughter is not no water dirt absolutely nothing very well also sealingly if Water is only required the holiday season can be do only minimum piping according to the column type such as in the well winter can not warm to a system complex mounted pressure system under constant then the water is from pump and home
  • 02:02: directly here such that case a must warm and well warm water here this well easy use for watering but if it is assumed that Water is needed in the home It needs another step installation automation and selection filters further accentuated Automation unit for which will regulate and fed with water under specific pressure certain amount will diaphragm tank or funded the capacity of which will be been adjusted pressure in the system in order to be
  • 02:32: was connected appliances such how washing dishwasher machine heater and other things if the arrangement well executed professional of the work system will put on warranty provisions that found in contract Company Ural Hydro implements A complex approach system creation cold water country house from wells to tap Company Ural Hydro More details on the phone 268 1707