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  • 00:00: this our next video will certainly useful vkusnuypirogek because he nobody wanted to be tasty and shop
  • 00:30: they do not want because that everything is a GMO with all sorts pesticides preservatives and other other so I'm still useful screed for the whole family This homemade marmalade which will only natural Ingredients start cooking So a set of products for the home marmalade minimum and now I'll tell you what we need for cooking home orange
  • 01:00: marmalade us with you You need a room spoon grated grated lemon peel tablespoon grated zest orange somewhere 50 milliliters lemon juice fresh as the 300 milliliters orange fresh juice and as we need 200 grams of sugar I I will say this that we love Average sweets have any way very cloyingly sweet to increase the proportion of sugar and need
  • 01:30: 50 grams of gelatin all as you can see all natural havent even Water will start cooking so take pot we light the gas fire above average adding pour lemon zest and add the orange to peel and lemon juice add about 75 milliliters orange juice
  • 02:00: well We would mix our mixture to boiling We give her the cook about 5 minutes turn off and so five minutes later our mix well prokipela whole zest given full the most useful their art properties and vitamins Now we we filter our mix through a sieve a good squeeze
  • 02:33: center here and so through a sieve straight to mash the juice came out we still do not center You may need it leave if someone for what it Here's a handy Now I Get it now while it's hot add 50 grams of it gelatin and good stir to complete dissolving gelatin have stirred our mix
  • 03:10: and you add to it sugar well stir and add remaining orange juice and
  • 03:40: now all neatly well stir all they fled together Now we take our and the mixture was put on fire without bringing up boiling literally to dissolve good sugar and that is, turn off the we press on slow fire here are very not carefully Bring the mixture to bring to a boil complete dissolution
  • 04:11: sugar and produce smooth and immediately spread formochkam on request forgiveness for external view my shapers like the theme of cultures but 6 important that all I turned on the course and poured into formochkam time someone after all
  • 04:49: 6 there is still little zalyu contract immediately all to have higher all see there preparation marmalades adopted for it we literally 7 a maximum of 10 minutes solo cooking Now we marmalade
  • 05:19: leave your watched it in the refrigerator until pour some 10 hours here than 10 minutes through hours gat and marmalade see what we It happened after this My wallow in it sugar and try our final result 10 hours later, so I passed the whole night and I ready to show you what we have I have to say that my home already gobbled up a rubber band so that
  • 05:50: I have here one less Put the marmalade I molds fallen so I will cut it very easy to cook chili style code as it forms absolutely not sticks and very easy to get a enemies dense melodic pairs I have not turned I hope all significantly our beauty well at
  • 06:21: at least I the final and I think so who marmalade little can be shortness of breath is fine chocolates boxes on the bridge receives little of it you dip get up or powdered sugar and You can apply to I believe that the table such a great big marmalade submit any so what I I divide it into four parts so good you It fits with the small efforts because very good here is a hardened
  • 06:51: he obtained section and divide it even into three parts and I do to all authorities now I am taking and dip it in sugar on all sides by sugar great for him sticks and I in the sugar
  • 07:28: powder dipped song shake off as well We do this to marmalades and all served at the table that's all expensive friends you hope We noticed that preparation of marmalade at It took us literally 10
  • 07:58: minutes and 10 hours waiting like I think all reported the same as he congeal where your my life is very useful and most importantly naturally cool natural juice and sugar and quite scary let those who have kids and continue to treat and Also, turn your friends and guests all who come to your house I I recommend store This marmalade the refrigerator if it is considers also launch
  • 08:28: as we do when he even have time transom that's all I hope you I liked to new meeting friends swami I was Valentine's Day and our channel would also not Remember sign to put us to the huskies and we meet all till