Valentina Rudenko,Zasuhina

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\"Herring oil\" or \"Forshmak from a herring\"  See details »

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  • 00:00: Good day 7 today I want to offer you im and very interesting on a mask that is a paste and even called if you love a sandwich like sit it very tasty snack for tea sweet for starters we need a gazelle Carrots are parenes and must be hot carrots 100 grams of butter you can become more me I take 100 grams of butter salt now we are all twisted to
  • 00:32: meat grinder with shallow mesh first goes network oil and then hot carrots hot in order for it slightly adjusted oils now everything is carefully mix
  • 01:03: a little pepper for sharpnesses who have little salt and add the salt from me salted herring salted herring I will not add here and our ready for the mask can be decorated parsley and dill principle, I want to add more You can twist more processed cheese they say very tasty but it's hard for me try it experiment Bon Appetit