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Roast in the crock-pot. Simpler does not happen  See details »

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  • 00:00: hello today I say just how they absolutely no skills in cooking food cook a tasty roast multivarka According to the copy multivarka Redmond 4505 is multivarka-cooker which prepares from there is such pressure function that we we need have previously peeled potatoes two kilograms in one dish kilogram second
  • 00:30: kilogram water vegetable oil Spice salt carrot previously Patrol broth mean that boiled boletus defrosted bell peppers and onions spareribs ribs potatoes cut into cubes about We will plant the carrots just what rings just what it is we just plunge all at once
  • 01:00: container multivarka layers kilogram potatoes poured We have salted We added some spice seasoning potatoes the way I recommend at a very good shall pepper is all about Now spread
  • 01:35: half an onion and pepper by dividing the pardus We can top half meat, and on top of another little dishes morkovochki mushroom
  • 02:05: repeat the same procedure . there solim add seasoning spool Spice up
  • 02:35: add the rest of Luke pepper meat about such jumps milk good meat top it prisolit add or
  • 03:05: carrot is all so distribute a little for Multivarki so more this case should be mix everything again after that leg as hand Push the add
  • 03:35: literally on top a little bit sunflower oil and dolem water to it a little bit so not even to the end not to add water pour simple to We got our steam at cooking and respectively pressure so little hinder the water divorced and have dolom We literally
  • 04:05: container 5 liters less than a liter of water actually all now it is all done dinner multivarku close multivarku cover became position of the valve closed after multivarka switched selected
  • 04:35: bad sheniya menu and 40 minutes counting all time went When the water boils Valve does not rise including programs after 40 minutes roast It will be ready as we we see it took not big enough amount of time much more the time taken
  • 05:05: Preparation is all very easy accessible and the most important thing that we You do not have to stew meat fry the onion is all fry it just all at once and threw included ears concept in cooking multivarka easy to beep and all we will be ready We will show you what it It happened here was somewhere in an hour at least we put 40
  • 05:35: minutes 20 minutes is necessary for to multivarka I warmed up and the program could start may pre release the pressure can forge shows that happened so all appetizing looks feature preparation for pressure is that potatoes have It remained whole and well seethe here and at the same time we
  • 06:07: soft pork that is, normal conditions meat and potatoes should be different times for prepare well Builder how gentle MS Pork is ready she falls apart Here is a very myagenkaya very useful such potatoes and whole like mine cooked normally taken to plug and disintegrates carrot, too
  • 06:40: and failed to Senka and snow cut like that as we had a great so that's the gravy broth in general all very simple bon appetit