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Knitting by a hook. Pattern Openwork pletenka (Crochet. Pattern Openwork wicker)  See details »

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  • 00:00: I propose to link sample openwork pattern which is called openwork braid he looks pretty still beautiful generally openwork pattern is a kind lifesaver when you want to upgrade the wardrobe and get this unique things from It can be out of this patterned tie jacket and summer cardigan vest and cape
  • 00:30: join us openwork pattern plaiting we are beginning to knit with set air loops it should be multiple of six + 1 Air loop is have we recruit 20 one air loop 3 knit lifting loops 1
  • 01:17: March 2 We do and sc Our fourth loop chains we provyazyvaem post with sc in next loop with the same column and sc the entire first row we will knit columns one to nakida
  • 01:48: the end of the series a second series we were binding 5 recruit air loops We do triple sc on the hook skip one loop and three one two three and We begin to knit
  • 02:23: column 3 provyazyvaem three sc 1 the second column column the third column now we are making 3 sc
  • 02:53: on the hook and back to those loop we missed that is, here they are 1 2 3 We begin to knit each loop of one post with three sc 1 column next loop
  • 03:23: here it is the second column and left alone loop so she the third column we first knit
  • 03:57: Now pletonochka We miss three loops making 3 sc on hook skip 1 2 3 4 We start provyazyvat three columns with three sc 1 column second column
  • 04:29: third column do 3 sc on the hook and not return to knit loops that they we have them 1 2 3 We begin to knit 1 column
  • 04:59: second column last we the third loop column knit 2
  • 05:31: pletenochki another pletonochka again triple nakida on hook miss time two three one two three and We start fourth provyazyvat exactly also with column 3 three sc 1 column and a column
  • 06:05: third column do triple and sc back to the loops are not knit and provyazyvaem each one loop columns with three sc second row completed
  • 07:07: overturn our knitting number 3 do 3 Air loop 1 2 3 sc start doing provyazyvat each one loop columns with sc we finished third
  • 09:03: row Now we repeat our pattern second and third row of provyazyvaem the the following series of all will knit columns with 3 sc later next row columns with one sc ie 2 and 3 alternate number Thank you that you were with us hope
  • 09:33: power came all the best flat you Petelin our pattern and knit 7 rows such a beauty gets