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  • 00:00: for biscuit us need 60 grams cocoa here add 1 whole 1 3 tablespoons instant coffee I took a little more and 175 milliliters hot water and stir to make coffee as we do dissolved also we need 8 of these eight of us take 8 proteins and 5 yolks 3 yolks can use by your discretion We divide the eggs into proteins and yolks are very it is desirable that the eggs were room
  • 00:30: temperatures since further we squirrels whip proteins of room temperatures get bogged down better make sure that the separation process at you did not hit the squirrel not a gram of yolk since the presence of fat and protein is very complicates if say do impossible process whipping in the same way we split the eggs like I already told us need recipes 5 yolks yolks we we will beat
  • 01:01: sugar will be gradually add granulated sugar we need 180 gram sugar to homogeneous lush mass accepted say yolks whisk till whitened and really you you can notice that the color of the yolks began whipping and at the end it different end implicitly lighter result it turns out lush mass add here 125
  • 01:31: milliliters vegetable oil add small portions every time well stirring after the oil has we will be mixed here we add previously cooked cocoa solution and coffee add the solution cocoa coffee also add it
  • 02:01: in small portions every time is good stirring from dry ingredients to us need flour baking powder and soda in this recipe is used and baking powder and soda of course both of them are the baking powder me but it works a little bit at different levels with different temperatures soda loosens the dough at a lower temperature a
  • 02:31: baking powder at higher therefore they are here in pairs like soda increases the volume test at the beginning baking times loops allows you to hold this amount to us need 200 grams flour 2 teaspoons baking powder and one a quarter teaspoon not slaked soda all this we mixing and we will add previously prepared mixture is not added large portions
  • 03:04: every time is good stir it is quite possible mix with a mixer in the same way we we introduce all the flour and will remain for us to whip proteins and add them to the dough if you have one mixer and one pair blades for a mixer before whisk horoshenechko wash
  • 03:34: these blades are not just wash about wash with good degreasing means here such is obtained sufficiently liquid mixture such as as a headlight for completely degrease add a quarter of proteins a teaspoon of salt and we will beat first whisk on small turns on as the volume of proteins we will increase rotational speed mixer and when at us already squirrels will be
  • 04:05: well whipped for we hold the volume add 45 grams sugar and whisk until states of sustainable peak peaks this is a state when if you form a peak on surfaces knocked down proteins he will break badly not again it will be keep the shape like this about intermingle proteins very neatly so as not to lose all received volume especially neat
  • 04:35: intervene batch of proteins since we still have there is a very large difference in density the test itself and density of proteins by as the proteins are this difference density will be with us level and therefore the last portions of proteins can be We are already mix more freely intervene proteins and folds shaking with motions this way from the bottom upwards so the way we mix
  • 05:10: all proteins result from is obtained liquid enough dough will be his bake form diameter 26 centimeters in advance heated to 160 degrees oven in within 50 minutes to dry sticks that is if you stick wand in the center biscuit then you have it come out dry I'm a little more abruptly form in order to dough me
  • 05:40: was distributed uniformly and put in the oven is baked that's how it looks to me biscuit after baking preferably very much it cool inverted condition that is you take my case this 4 cup main so that you have 4 subject matter equal to altitude like this a little bit you try have a look how how wide are you you need to arrange these subjects turn the form with biscuit
  • 06:11: and adjust cups In the way that without troubles with us was in inverted hanging position and give him full cool down after that we take the biscuit out form before cook cake with this biscuit very it is advisable 5-6 hours stand up bake our biscuit
  • 06:42: about 5 6 6 hours before cooking cake this biscuit chiffon biscuit he is very pleasant consistency is very pleasant structure it friable it is seen even on shooting but in also this time friability wet and it's not dry that's what he looks like in cake prague