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  • 00:00: In this tutorial I tell you how perform simple calculations using formula
  • 00:30: the main purpose and advantages This program excel certainly comfort doing a lot the number of calculations but always great start small so to start it is necessary to grasp the simple creation rules they form here first rule formula starts with the equals sign if you've seen the previous lessons possibly already paid attention to this detail any formula
  • 01:00: always begins with sign of equality and not it is important whether the formula was entered manually or also created automatically in the case of the auto scrip rule 2 formula can comprise of at This fractional part separated by a comma Now let consider the most simple formulas consisting of two numbers Well, at least that's such
  • 01:30: how to move here table activate any cell and introduce it shape equal sign the first number sign the second number of steps and click on the confirmation note here is the result of a
  • 02:00: here seen formula when you double-click on cell here, too seen formula and as always it must be closed the confirmation try to enter a second form of fractional often separated point action badge and click on the button acknowledgment
  • 02:30: Here I remind you rule number three formula administered must confirm pressing either the enter key or the tab key or submit button ie the tick you just We are seen near the line formulas and I pressed showing an example of Rule Number Four
  • 03:00: arithmetic of action designated like this Addition as usual subtract as usual asterisk multiplication oblique division line and likewise designated feature shot all these signs can be found in the main part keyboard and keyboard Right when pressed key us as a special attention to the
  • 03:32: involution It is indicated here because here It is shown in the usual keyboard the mark is there are three number 6 Rule Number 5 formula can contain brackets any number of both in habitual to us recording in mathematics rule number six
  • 04:05: emphasis We pay brackets in fractions record the formula is written in one row below fractions replaced division and therefore numerator and denominator often we have to take into brackets numerator It may not always be but the denominator is the same mandatory and if you insecure the best these brackets use extra time than to forget about them rule number seven
  • 04:36: form may contain cell references tables Now look at this example here formula contains number action and address a cell in which stored another number it looks like using variables in algebra but here we do not have abstract variables as well specific addresses on which are stored the data we have in this case says It refers to the formula It has indicated cell color, and here is
  • 05:07: an indication of the cell shape we will call reference availability proceed to the table and Before continuing Let's check program settings to a lesson I gave you completely the concept of necessity to your table I had the same settings that my Open the menu office
  • 05:39: click on the button options excel formula section and make sure that against setting you do not have links style is checked later we'll deal with that as well
  • 06:10: For now, just make so that it was not Well go to Table and cell c1 We write the number 2 and a write cell d1 background we just I saw a look I do not drive
  • 06:40: first sign equality then a number in sign multiplication, and finally cell reference easiest thing to do it by clicking on this cells I press the button confirm and I get the result and but here is the formula it does not mean
  • 07:11: that all formulas have to enter exactly links to cells can be administered and using keyboard I show first equal number sign you multiplication sign and then I enter the address cells using keyboard tips do not pay note sorry c1 and I press the button confirmation like this
  • 07:44: the main thing here is not Russian and confused letters because all the cells designated only Latin and mark some onions we same and therefore beginners often do not can detect such that the error incidentally explained this Why did I choose to Example precisely cell and column c The fact that there Errors most often look at keyboard and see
  • 08:14: that the letter key c and Russian letters match try Run this example yourself and you will see that I mean commercials typically 8 links You can enter a click the cell or gain on as the keyboard Rule 9 cells which refers formula may contain calculation results other form of show is an example to
  • 08:47: Table Box d1 currently contains the calculation result of form introduce the formula I am one in a cell activate sign equality number multiplication sign and cell reference a view to We reaffirm we get results as you can see the result the calculation of the previous
  • 09:18: forms can be used in other formula Well, now move on to simple practical the problem let us a list of procurement and here it is necessary to count the cost activate cell enter an equal sign and then by the formula which is calculated
  • 09:48: cost price clicking on a cell mark multiplying the number of click to confirm double-click pay attention to link color and color framework framing these checks you can apply here AutoComplete generally can but
  • 10:19: caution referring us to another will understand until I show how done here look as usual and you can check that The formula is in the actually true that they changed so as We had to change complicate the task here we have a complicated fraction with formula
  • 10:49: brackets that once in the course jokingly suggested renowned physicist Landau how to evaluate female appeal let's count on this formula I'm here to anyone It was hurt instead names used clothes sizes Well, kind of unattainable ideal Barbie and so mark equality bracket One click on the option
  • 11:23: cell multiplication another option The following multiplication cells close parenthesis new village sign bracket and seized multiply again multiplication
  • 11:53: the last parameter closing parenthesis we get results click on proof too you can apply autocomplete here looking, and in no case upset because it is a joke and beauty concept mysterious But our goal achieved and now we are able to drive
  • 12:23: formulas and realize calculating at this today's lesson finished