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  • 00:00: in this lesson we learn how to make out table as in this one example
  • 00:30: the problem is such that y there are pictures of us with images suppose some goods and often the task arises place these pictures in cells tables it seems simple but with addition that the creators excel did not provide us with great facilities for these objectives there appear certain nuances but let's first let us consider the example itself you see that
  • 01:02: happens if I change the size and column pictures change together with the dimensions cells the same thing will happen if I change row height special interest is copy operation or moving and chip let me say now select this cell now it's not very kind of but when I
  • 01:32: I'll use the command y Fira exchange is it becomes obvious to the side see i apply copy command there was here such flashing dashed frame and suppose what I want copy the contents of this cells here I click on key enter here more one feature exel instead of team I'll click on enter and then I have this dashed frame
  • 02:02: but here it appears copy of the previous cell, and view the picture immediately changed their proportions in According to the size of this one cells e3 I cancel and key escape I remove the stroke ramp so I turn to next sheet here I have prepared
  • 02:32: table in which I I'll try to this task again let's first check whether it is possible insert picture into mode editing treatment look, I click twice here text cursor and here the input and as we know in all microsoft office applications and the rate
  • 03:02: image is done on standard algorithm tab rate Well and actually all because we see that all tape here is gray, that is all these commands from We are closed which means that this way we can not go this way The hypothesis turned out not to be It's true and I press here on cancellation in the table I went into the mode ready cursor there is no text here
  • 03:32: but the whole tape again Open and I click on button drawing and among your folders I find that drawing which I need here he and as we see the picture was stuck got stuck fairly accurate aligning the upper left corner over it left corner of the cell but Picture Now exists for imagine I I change its size from cells nothing
  • 04:04: occurs and at the same time time when I change the size of the column and lines here too Nothing happens no we results and try this cell copy here I see her highlight apply the command copy select any cell is allowed here this
  • 04:34: I click on enter to insert image and see that nothing we are unable to insert true cell received the frame is the same as the cells of this part tables that is some kind of insert from the buffer exchange with us there was a left blank cell but it's not for us is suitable therefore is necessary adjust their actions and I press on escape key remove this one
  • 05:04: flashing frame that we need to do in first need agree on the size cells and pictures they Well, for starters roughly coincide why about because exactly we cell by picture never build look here to us creators excel program prepared another surprise thing is that the width of the column is
  • 05:34: is not measured in see the pixels here very different units and in fact it is printed character well which means that we act about us this will enough and so look, I highlight this picture next I I click on it with the right mouse button sorry, not immediately worked in context menu
  • 06:05: choose the team size and properties here a dialogue was opened and here I have property tab look here section object binding to background and there are three capabilities move and change objects together with move cells but do not change Dimensions Do not move or resize
  • 06:35: when it comes here There are referring to the buffer command exchange the same teams copy paste in Ryazan and insert well to tell the truth they not very good triggered if y us picture like this is not tied to objects are better put this mode to move and modify an object together with cells so and see what
  • 07:05: happens already at us image size starts to change along with the size cells but in order for y we are all exactly and well worked needed combine edge of picture with edge cells that 's somewhere around like that, generally speaking for accurate alignment is necessary press the alt key and
  • 07:35: to ensure that they coincided well and yet once check width the height also changes until you see changes because there is no exact combination I pinch the alt key and look for position for pictures are now everything works like see enough time-consuming process but and not very good
  • 08:06: it gets even that picture a little slightly larger size and closes framing cells can be a little bit here still work so that a little bit of it reduce but we have it tied to the edge of the cell and this in fact very important as we are only that made sure so this is a process uneasy give all the same
  • 08:37: we will achieve some effect here we have there was only one part of the frame which is necessary build somewhere Well, something like this this process is laborious enough and it may seem difficult especially at first but me this To achieve and I will not all in details
  • 09:07: show instead this is better demonstrate how slightly simplify work look I pre- arranged cell size insert tab drawing choose the following figure insert and now even the situation the picture overlaps bezel to avoid long edge movements
  • 09:37: pictures I am now click once arrow control cursor down the picture shifts just one pixel and exactly the same move the picture to 1 pixel to the right is not forget that it is this is obligatory should be highlighted that's how it is now look at us upper left border cells are not overlap picture picture I again switching to mode
  • 10:08: move and change object together with cells and again holding and holding alt key without releasing I combine the edges pictures with edge cells so we see that y us frame of the cell whole and try that We are change in size so we everything worked out
  • 10:39: Ideally, let's get more once we see how it is I think that with first time remembered hard and so the cells increased insert drawing choose the picture is placed on 1 pixel down by 1 pixel to the right of the right mouse button context menu size and properties property tab switch top mode close
  • 11:09: pressed the alt key keep moving probably a little bit more and the bottom edge moving we check the framing is visible good size vary in size are changing show the last times insert drawing drawing
  • 11:40: we paste on a pixel down per pixel right button right properties switch close the key alto and again check we move borders column and row see that everything works well here now let's
  • 12:12: Let's check so at us copy works and inserting it is another small nuance cell with such image useless to allocate by clicking you select the picture but cell cell practically not possible therefore select the adjacent cell and tab key activate now here this and now we are we can copy move here
  • 12:43: enter received an insert pictures and how to see its proportions immediately tuned in to this I cancel the cell as superfluous who used to move cell contents simple dragging here you do not have get here only copying or cutting and insert and several recent strokes so that quite beautiful table make let's increase
  • 13:13: here the font is chosen beautifully and alignment and here will make a financial format for us the price was in rubles and as we see here a bit was not enough the width of my increase that all it was beautiful, well, here as a matter of fact the lesson turned out uneasy but you seen gradually gaining experience and you can speed up the process
  • 13:45: you can learn do it quickly easy and neat principle it is worth knowing because to me often address questions like this to do well on today i think ours the goal is fulfilled and the lesson completed