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  • 00:00: script its purpose perfection output data with you I'm clueless kuleshov the teacher of the center computer training specialist straight ready not banu life and a number of other opportunities microsoft excel programs can also see on my blog world excel. ru probably working with backside scenarios paid attention to that we can create them we can build a report and, unfortunately, herself the program does not
  • 00:31: allows us to convenient conclusion without engagement programs directly to tape in this case we with you can yourself finalize and create buttons for convenience our scenarios and so let's consider how it can be done I have already created 5 scenarios I can talk about learn this by going to tab data Is she what if script manager and now i want make sure that y
  • 01:01: I have five buttons each of which will output certain scripts on the screen so how i want to create buttons on the button can be put action is macro then I need file format re-save the format with support for macros I choose the usual command file save as me file type to excel with support for macros we will use ordinary macgregor gift
  • 01:32: developer tab and choose the team a macro record gives the first macro bank favorite I remind you that in name is not may be present gaps okay and now start output script on the screen then whether there is evidence that it if the dispatcher scenarios and choose wang favorite by pressing to have a drink is seen
  • 02:02: screen macro more do nothing so I need stop recording I start recording next my beauty I pass the following the name of kb nirvana also enter in anal sex if script manager and output kb nirvana developer stop recording and repeat the same thing for three more macros
  • 02:33: each of which deduces appropriate scenario really possible
  • 03:03: write 1 and then already in the code editor window take and change and last kombi rhapsody data was known that if the dispatcher script and output conder discuss all macros are written see how it is looks that is if on the tab
  • 03:33: developers I will open macro window and for example, for any change then in The result is this code actually note of course superfluous therefore it is possible boldly that is you see how each of these macros is literally not considering the first and last line to by itself taken for granted contains only just one line Well, here it is clear that I started the macro rapsody twice so here I can safely it's a fix I return back to exile window
  • 04:04: and now I can safely create buttons on developer tab in group of elements management from the team insert and in controls form I'll select the button any convenient for me place and choose bank favorite okay and change the name buttons on the can favorite here I can already describe how I want it there are spaces for ladies with
  • 04:34: any characters as not difficult I need to guess create a number of I create buttons next button dials kabo nirvana and gives also the name if nirvana optimum combo as if the prospect
  • 05:14: and the last button CBD Negotiate Well, that my buttons looked wrong and
  • 05:44: chaotically located with the key pressed control it is enough it is easy then I will allocate and then for the case tab format is aligned for example on the left Edge to make me everyone was the same half width I have some settings measuring instrument burglarized in the center not the best I'll make the left edge and you can still on the tab format to equalize eg distribution vertically now when I click
  • 06:14: on these buttons then y we are immediately changing initial data the raw data of this cells c4 c7 and as a result we with you see the calculation the values ​​we need then there is a mini need go every time then on the tab data 1 does that if script manager and chooses you specific option if i want more make the option to I have a moment there remained empty cells then I can write more one macro developer record
  • 06:44: macro for example I will name it clean and all that to me what kind of I choose the checks specific cell hitting and stopping record and also on analogies button and naming it arbitrarily choose color clean and I call for example button clear dong also when I choose
  • 07:21: some script the original long cells are output when I press the honor the form of that ochechki are becoming free work and now more in perfection created option and so cell i will create list that to me will offer one of the five options scenarios then I will use commands and data data checking
  • 07:51: select a list here I need my name scripts so indicate as they are called by us divides each among themselves through semicolon in the result of our created such a list for convenience I will do broader so it was more convenient choose but for now this the list is nothing tied create another one macro but here let me already I will use simply
  • 08:21: some on editing and 5 share of surplus previous my course you can prescribe including and meadow sap for example the name of the macro chups without beads and then on analogy tyson is not now he should not just output a script with some kind of
  • 08:57: certain title should take the value from a certain niche I address to a cell speech then in quotes I will assign this cell d1 and do not need to turn to value. were let's check
  • 09:29: well, only of course again for we will create more button that is also insert a button the day so by the side or create a chino and call for example to perform that is, I choose some script
  • 09:59: name click push the button metacin ary is excreted I choose the following name click I have a button the following scenario that is, nice option for we got about these and other opportunities you can learn on our courses site since the very first level and finishing business cash that is you learn not only capabilities program but also visual basic will be able to perfect
  • 10:29: any algorithms which are already gone nothing impossible knowledge is the power of me without an excel come to study with us