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  • 00:00: good afternoon theme today's lesson dedicated to functions disconnect function to connect allows unite multiple array text strings either numeric values ​​or links to other cells also different combinations of these elements we consider For example suppose we have has name last name patronymic and age employee and us are needed
  • 00:31: make a single an array of these numeric and text meanings use prepared by table templates and so we have something options name last name patronymic age in colony the result will be you must enter formula which will allow combine into a single text line by line the importance of previous four columns start to enter
  • 01:03: given last name of ions name petr property сергеевич Age 35 years in the speakers outcome start to enter formulas all form start with a sign equally then start introduce the title of the function in Russian drive
  • 01:34: function excel issues pop-up a hint that gives the name Similar functions are either in the result is you have to the name of that function which we need to hitch side by side pop-up hint which explains the essence of this functions reminding link several text and numeric strings in 1 after seeing
  • 02:05: function name opens a bracket we see that pop-up clue has changed and a description appeared syntax that is what is needed for this formulas to drive and so text alone he bold and tell us what need to allocate 1 piece linked text of our case this pull the Ivanovs set the
  • 02:35: semicolon this symbol which serves us delimiter text 2 name . comma texts and patronymic . , those 4 age age as we see in our combination of both numerical and texts of meanings after all required values close the bracket
  • 03:06: we push the center we received a total if we but it will click cells see the function line of function with us here the function is knocked out to unite consists of four elements they are highlighted relevant colors it but outwardly the line will be appear designation as
  • 03:36: coupling of our pro initial elements we see that the rate it did not turn out well readable because that we do not have any gaps in order to add spaces We need to add them in the formula bar space this is a variety text in order to derive the formula you must first quote
  • 04:06: then opening space bar then closing quotes and . , as closing element again enter inter and we see that we have there is a space between its element foot and element petr that is, the space we at once directly made in the formula similar the gaps and between the rest
  • 04:37: elements this is when 7; open quotes space the quotes are closed . with a comma then the light element quality I 7 ; open quotation marks robe. with a comma quotes are closed f7 enter and so we got total by function
  • 05:08: function action couplings I'm again who cream that 35 years old for example we could still want put a comma after patronymic on in fact, it faces space therefore here you can add comma so does the function knit a lesson finished