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  • 00:00: Good afternoon, I name Cherkashina people This is a recipe for a course blogs and today we you are preparing very an interesting option in Christmas a small piece of wood I reflected is sure to take place in complete delight your I want kids today you share The recipe is very interesting chocolate biscuit in which no gram flour but there great bitter chocolate
  • 00:30: that simply will adorably shade cream cream cottage cheese rescued chocolate valor very famous manufacturer chocolate in Spain Confectioner I am very I like to use bitter varieties this variety of chocolate It has 70 percent cocoa perfectly fired very soft and have no impurities but in general it's just a test we shine the full preparing our billet dough take 3 eggs divide the yolk, protein add our stomachs brown sugar and whisk
  • 01:00: our dangerous blender forming we even oil We got here is uniform mass that we now add melted we now have the chocolate zabem proteins and one-third of the weight of proteins introduce this the mixture evenly after stirring each take Save note proteins that should not be strongly solid foam, it should be soft air add proteins in driblets our chocolate mixture and stir
  • 01:31: silicone spatula it is more evenly you knead your the dough will not pressed proteins keeping their air I have prepared square shape for baking that ideal for roll if that is your Other longer and a rectangular it does not matter the main that it should be or paper baking or I am very I like to use new glass mat and it allows a very then easily separated our roll gramme flour in this recipe are not and I used really like this
  • 02:02: recipe because chocolate It provides the necessary the viscosity of the porosity porosity give spirits from what priposadit or even you feel it will be full like chocolate to cake in the bivouac Smooth out the main to have the thickness baked dough It was the uniform we today I was ready invented specifically our release Why the recipe blog Christmas idea a piece of wood came to me
  • 02:32: at once it is the idea of creating unconventional lying log this small teips portioned children's cute decorated and now We are carrying out bake the oven at a temperature of 175 15 degrees very important thing you Your years will not get your hands pulling out of shape Baking takes cover wet towel 10 minutes thereafter, remove towels carefully flip your years on a napkin dusted with cocoa powder shooting in
  • 03:02: baking paper and and sprinkle cocoa powder take starting in the towel from the edge wrapped steering wheel with a towel and leave it even for ten minutes until chocolate roll on baked in the oven we'll continue to making cream based cottage cheese cream for to your cream It turned whiter I propose to begin whisking butter powdered sugar when in butter whipped we have it whitens lighter and cream eventually we It will be more color
  • 03:32: it is important that the oil we It should be at room temperature too has almost soft drink it in the oven and I do not recommend gradually add exploding oil icing sugar today we will three options decorations in the form of punishment and whipped cream
  • 04:02: chocolate chips and 3 Pilot with a currant one of the elements our decorations small fields will direct the cue ball cream take 200 milliliters of cream and half cup sugar Code divide boiled 6 foam when you will shake up proteins at home they have You need to buy a soft good foam Lumen is a dessert
  • 04:32: that chocolate decor we make chocolate Peppermint Flavor frankly have I was struck by chocolate shaft crumpled because without adding water, oil he told a amazing soft texture that very nice work after we very Spill beautiful relief on our melted chocolate you just select it in the freezer twenty minutes well Now in this way we formed our bark log now We will have decor
  • 05:03: It is in the form pieces of various shapes we just distribute evenly our chocolate layer 23 millimeters will enough and third our decor it was just sticks than stick will be more the rough is It is more like Now on the bark of a tree we send it to freezer for 20 minutes at 30 and to maximize our
  • 05:44: do it all composition of snow we just parts. proceed sugar powder log decorated with mushrooms and berries in connection French homes and confectionery even decorate rhinestones and that there is such a tradition seriously special here I'm going to go to the smell
  • 06:17: the smell of the guide here bend delicious Jsc Hello Andrew grows Tregubov this recipe at the fist I found I five minutes and stood I thought where these too so pleasant smell I can eat here vkusnuypirogek is not cuts and how long news here is very very sweet not much give her I expected to hit you
  • 06:47: You do with me some tasty Agartha chocolate from flour that does not even have a then who I can not even identify Player it came pasta and so clear all flour
  • 07:18: then the bottom of me can but it is very tasty, I I take delight be sure to look rublikov gum blog fully to understand when doing I will try to do at home to fire you I advise on its own happy new year everyone I it is necessary to run the driver
  • 07:51: planet. I hairstyle box give it personal but I am pleased to present you my dessert it looks like Christmas infusion on a stump tasty but seems Now on chair rating 5 not forced to come
  • 08:22: to shoot and I chose what's so delicious when preparing the program is very I hope we recorded feathers you want tell us why it is you have to plates under the new year penechki It is a very ancient tradition that saved from the Celts burned real It logs mainly Pauline was the oak in the winter Solstice and here elected head of the family a log fire to it in fireplace and it should have been burn all night
  • 08:52: tradition smoothly grew appearance sweet log on Christmas New Year's table that is, a symbol family well-being and it is a sweet dessert invented to file process and I I liked and advance all this pen rome spear very tasty, I I hope Mom is where do all congratulations to the house 2 happy new year everyone happy new year everyone
  • 09:23: ooo