Lyudmila Soboleva

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Well, very tasty - "Косичка" Pie; with Cabbage! - YouTube  See details »

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  • 00:00: Hello everyone today we will prepare tasty pie pigtail that we have for this would need as well as the cake will be with cabbage us need sprouts carrot onion tomato pasta and proper salty dough we will purchase to start shinkuem cabbage spheres pan Pour the oil and throws cabbage
  • 00:31: do not forget good salt cabbage chopped onion add onion sprouts and mix rub carrot on grater
  • 01:01: add the carrots and mix I also added in empty cup of water small to cabbage and roasted tushilos add spices to taste africa different pepper to taste well as without dry Jackie our favorite add bay
  • 01:31: sheet and fill tomato paste and carefully mix cover with a lid and simmer until tender cabbage is ready I turn off gas and I leave to cool take the dough and unroll it on pan reserve on the middle
  • 02:03: untouched somewhere something like this that's cut into strips such Now exactly the same making incisions with on the other hand is now Put the middle cabbage and weave like normal plait image excuse
  • 02:34: Ready pie lubricates beaten egg him to have
  • 03:05: It turned rosy and beautiful and send baked cake in oven preheated 200 degrees pie ready to 35 minutes have passed You can drink tea Well and all this is such a braid my cake cook turned and Eat all pleasant appetite subscribe to kitchen and family also sweet home all till