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  • 00:04: today we belyashi and only natural It consists of two major components of the proper dough and minced meat dough for Tat must which is suitable for frying if you still I do not have your arsenal Similar tests you You can find the recipe on our video channel and correspondingly the second component This mince stuffing and drying we did not chop hands that are missing in a meat grinder on and a large meat grinder
  • 00:31: making sure that minced necessarily been Zhirkov somewhere half the volume minced we should be finely finely chopped onion traditional in nothing like stuffing It is not added except salts based salt about kilogram minced taken somewhere tablespoon salt I've got less kilos and I have not incomplete dining spoon and put half a teaspoon of pepper
  • 01:00: here to taste you You can add and cumin and hops-suneli in general you suggests or do you I like to add although it is in principle not accepted and chopped greens with her here on my taste is much delicious and always well minced knead also for stuffing juiciness necessarily
  • 01:30: gets rid of ice Water will naturally we look at what to stuffing was such a well Not that and not wet that remember km but not necessarily It should be moist and about the fact that okay then knead it well really good way up to stuffing even discourage a bowl under throws so
  • 02:00: way, ideally 40 times but even if you You do it again 10-15 stuffing your will much tastier it is our willingness to minced says at least is such a thing that's visible behind him there there is a fiber Here stood protein we actually saying that the promises minced meat as a result, we will baking very juicy prepared minced
  • 02:30: we should at least a couple of hours just until the dough is suitable clean the refrigerator and grabbed the fat to mince like a little bit of the sea under marinated and order stuffing and dough in basically always prepared the same while stuffing farce we I lay in refrigerator 2 hours, he frozen dough, we also ready can flow cell Tat to us it was easier because just a very gentle lubricates hands oil and
  • 03:02: divide it into pieces Fifty grams of about roll down their Coke drums to then it was at rolling out so Skok obtained roundels they rectangles
  • 03:42: Cover with a towel that they do not zavetrivalos and first we unrolled first We can take at once from They can mold Roll out with a rolling pin in basically it is enough to stretch hands which
  • 04:03: Tovstonogov dining Spoon stuffing here we need each belyashik and zaleplivaem Fly so belyashi to have poseredinke
  • 04:30: we had little hole trampled distributing stuffing evenly and we place on greased floured surface so fasten all the other
  • 05:02: we left to buy last
  • 05:33: and now all they need fry in the vegetable oil for frying better take the tray and to pour oil naturally heat it for some reason because it is more convenient tray that we are a party We put on the hot the second side of us cooler therefore we will roasting process regulate oil It is considered to be heated if we wooden
  • 06:00: shovel and put here it starts a little hiss berries slightly Bates that is, if I warmed up some 12 I'll fry somewhere 10 or 9 begin fry naturally First we put excess flour course it would be better to remove and be sure to put down hole oil It should be as at least until the middle of pie and it is better to have been deeply that it was not on the
  • 06:30: middle, such unpleasant stripes and on. I put on the hot side of Now I wait as long as it is not blows will move on while the other side I will report on the the other one just move it over cool place and one will add
  • 07:00: in the hot as soon as the following I turned belyashik in the hole can be add up and can be We need to plant oil which fried to industry Praguers filling faster inside of roasted if we have the stuffing starts and filling oil begins to boil basically means in all about It prepares us
  • 07:30: It remains only wait for the beautiful golden brown and you can get second time turn hole down absolutely not we have lost all the weight weight
  • 08:17: we left us dozharit last all we belyashi fry and be sure add up to paper towel to remove fat Here once can see that Here he begins to boil 1 inside you Bulka
  • 08:30: it all begins We do now will lay clean towels to know the frog lie to tag us belyashi ready