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How to process edge ̆ jersey on shveino ̆ to the machine  See details »

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  • 00:00: right it is to the credit of not tell you about one the opening of which for I made for himself maybe someone has already and I tried to make it but many certainly not doing so a foreword I set up a tilter on rasposhivalnye machines and something I It may not go well not be tilter It can be very convenient there be any there requires adjustment
  • 00:31: cars at night I to say no dismantled decided try something It occurred to me this thought came why I would not try turn over knitwear knitted tape here turn over on a regular car so we we used to accustomed tilter of them simply turn over some cotton or synthetic fabrics not those who do not Now stretch well, and took
  • 01:02: tried and out very well that is some products already I did, and I want you show that this comes for those who have not yet I bought industrial machine I to the disciples appeal doubts or need I do not need to say here is one that is a plus I see already studied turn over or household and for machines
  • 01:32: industrial machines found that the usual here is a tilter but it may be worth area can be a thousand thousand of different stuff shops and tilter for household machines are in the region of four to fines 5 here somewhere Here such here the prices are not I know why this Well, so at home I do not typewriters I may be tried someone tried something write comments So let's try
  • 02:03: the only thing that I meant for well be that stranger in the first how different it is to I have to try first order to precisely inlay Tape does not contract such as the neck or armhole We should be a little bit slow down the fabric slightly chilled, that is stretched bit uniform
  • 02:34: beginning not stretched specifically to you show the most basic course to follow nothing is Torsion ie nowhere oblique not turn the cash register not just strip Perry spun it 1 is the most basic good seam periodically
  • 03:15: stop if you have not devices on that this twists tape and of course you can, and purchased separately here's the place for sure you will be seen here a place that I do not He is braked some sborochku all where else is there
  • 03:45: I respectively Did not do anything see what else may well, first seam stretches due to the fact that probably thickness and thread fits certainly say so reserve stretches all already processed armholes perfectly It can be very convenient unite respectively first shoulder seam then process
  • 04:15: fully bro him then connect side edges can be made just to sundresses on sundresses can be make Camisole you to extend such armhole treated armhole then continue continued as much as you I think you need to comfortably
  • 04:45: It is probably even in the manufacture of any Here's swimwear such straps got too It stretches all very This is especially convenient important and interesting will those who rasposhivalnye that is, any machine Pope any knitted dresses Overlock machine straight
  • 05:15: line and do without I asked ki a little here I caught debris as well all very carefully all stretches ie nothing is deforms It looks good making all kinds of children products So I think very very useful Information for many Well maybe all