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  • 00:00: good afternoon dear viewers of the newspaper canal gardener video today we will be with you plant out sprouts tomatoes in the greenhouse is there is a constant place seedlings of tomatoes horticulturist planted mid-May to early June time frame
  • 00:30: transplantation depends first of all from your region then there are climate conditions where is your dacha second from of your greenhouses and 3 from the possibility residence one of the members your family at the dacha in May in the case probable freezing take emergency rescue measures seedlings the most important thing It should be remembered that when slightest frosts seedlings die a
  • 01:00: if the temperature several days will be stand below plus five degrees of the plant can be ill for a long time Leningrad field of freezing is possible until June 5, the soil in the greenhouse it is desirable harvested in autumn soil is dug up weeds are removed compost or humus 5 kilogram per square meter you can make a room a glass for two square meters
  • 01:30: tomatoes are good respond to phosphoric fertilizers and then on your knees phosphoric fertilizers contributes to a better development of root systems acceleration of flowering and rapid maturation fruits so of course if you use mineral fertilizers effectively local entry in wells superphosphate in amount of 15 20 grams can not be taken under
  • 02:01: Fresh Tomato Tomatoes and indeed overfeed tomatoes are just dangerous to the detriment of the harvest they form a large quantity vegetative mass shoots become thick as they say gardeners grow fat there is an active growth intensive growth stepsons sometimes even copious flowering but the record is almost not a crop becomes small yes, and of course
  • 02:31: should be respected all in turn especially good predecessors tomatoes are cucumbers but if you have there is no such possibility you are from year to year grow in one and of the same greenhouse tomatoes and on the same place then required annually change the top layer soil and conduct activities for disinfection of the greenhouse and requirements for seedlings to obtain the highest yield at normal weather conditions for greenhouses need
  • 03:02: standard seedlings not less than seven leaves thickness of the stem is not less than seven millimeters height plants somewhere up to 25 centimeters but here how does this seedling roots should be in potty bags and occupy it all volume but but now we proceed to planting if the soil in greenhouse dry it must be good water and when the water will permeate loosen and sprouting seedlings
  • 03:32: on the eve of disembarkation in planting day it is not recommended since it will be fragile and fragile layout seedling also plays co-star each plant should be good illuminated at thickened plantings plants are more often sick reduces the loading and ripening so early ripening varieties planted usually by scheme 30 by 40 or 40 by 40 centimeters but
  • 04:04: medium ripe cultivars are more convenient total observing the scheme of 70 to 40 either 50 to 50 but we place the seedlings in chessboard in place anticipated planting digs fossae 20 20 deep centimeters good we shed holes of warm water is falling asleep small amount of land and this is this chatter in this
  • 04:36: mud put pot with the seedlings fall asleep slightly earth deepen to cotyledonous leaflets then again watered and slightly tamped heavily do not deepen the seedlings It is necessary and way we plant all seedlings You can tie up at once and if the seedling strong can be and later what will we do
  • 05:08: as you see here peat-humus pots so we are in we lower the hole directly with a pot Well not Well, what if your seedlings stretched out if she thin and long experts say that such a seedling
  • 05:39: it is better to replace it if you do not have one opportunities and if you want to grow tomatoes from their seedling output equipped here's the truth we do not have such a long and elongated seedlings so we will show on example of this small bush for this on the eve planting is necessary take off leaves leaving only 5-6 upper leaves then proceed to planting do trenches
  • 06:10: and we have our seedlings lying spine to the south we leave above the ground apex and then fall asleep trench and a good field so stalk to turn in the root and the top straighten out and having powerful root the system will not develop badly
  • 06:40: Well, that's our seedling. planted if the next day the weather will be stand sunny and hot and it is desirable seedlings and pritenit how to care for tomatoes how to get good harvest read on our website horticulturist. ru or watch movies on our channel newspapers gardener video and all the best to you