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  • 00:00: that is so when we again we see infection note how grow papilloma our they grow on the side the neck further they go to the armpit It is, in this case, this kidney structures often papillomas grow renal structure and the next stage if we have infringement radicular and gone far enough that papilloma starts move on direction thyroid gland
  • 00:30: that is, and papilloma they are here We carry information that outwardly the blood supply to that there is a pronounced thyroid pathology gland and then we We do such a simple test head bends and run your finger here here and if present soreness periosteum then this disease from periosteum brings us information about violation blood supply thyroid so when you
  • 01:04: working with the patient That's how I have to jugular depression but there is no bone there and here there bone here here it's just there has hurt because it is a collection of Behold the head of information Now it falls browse here it's elementary a simple test and at the same time when you start working
  • 01:36: flexing the cervical spine the papilloma the presence of both dekalte in this area they begin 1 It starts to go even without having to start something usually take the easiest means in fact to Soviet era codes when Soviet Code but they created a health an entire chapter devoted to Artemisia is sagebrush It works well against the virus papilloma frost against trichomonas trichomonas trichomoniasis
  • 02:07: before after all disease were before how did antibiotics, something they treated here just We were treated with wormwood when they ate wormwood just dry form when it is diluted made with boiling water decoctions into pairs ie This variety and so then some cases more appropriate conduct and dry when a person swallows dry down and and then when he simultaneously also takes grouts that is, if
  • 02:37: performance with Papilloma for at increases papillomas quickly falls well, plus more if Oxygen else higher efficiency