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  • 00:00: good afternoon lovers of knitting at the request of the request my subscribers have it does not want you show how to tie Here's a fringe it can be well on it your convenience I can use the I use fields and Now more
  • 00:30: thick thread and thick hook I I will show you how I do it As always, we We start with you lick with the initial loop and I do 16 stitches Knit 16 loops and sixth from the edge we do
  • 01:00: coupling loop 1 2 3 4 5 6 Here sixth I'm doing a loop coupling and it sounds right in I got here such as if a ring with a I tail to overturn knitting and I in front of my nickname is the main task Now knit 16 driver
  • 01:32: polustolbikov very their tightly knit up to get one of the edges border there 2 3 knit 10 stitches put them plump and we like I am remembered half ring now we provyazyvat should still put 10 5
  • 02:03: we will make here how the first 2 such we will do 2 polustolbika with sc 1 second with polustolbik sc now we do all Ethel all columns one sc but with him legs all bar one
  • 02:36: sc 1 column second column Now all the columns I do now do 8 bar 8 This is the floor column one nakida we like We went for a fall Now our knitting we left the portico we support a polustolbikami 1
  • 03:09: 2 novelty 4 and tied with getting qualification of each eyelet you just need around undergirding stayed tail the tail to hide Knitting by the end of Now what we do we turn to your knitting turn knitting and our task vodka
  • 03:39: What is the look you see here Here we go eyelets should you so start knitting captures the rear wall of the loop here it to the rear wall to knitting It was more voluminous You can make one lifting loop and grabbing the back wall we are doing well in columns You can also try
  • 04:10: capturing tie for just two and a the front of the rear wall can see what happens get an offing You'll like the more I take over a rear wall and gradually oblige shaft along our knitting Now I thought how many loops 1 2 3 4 2 3
  • 04:40: 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 ut 11 more loop 12 showcase reached middle, our ring now we Do 10 aircraft loops February 3 4
  • 05:14: five six seven eight nine ten and connect to the ring here we are provyazyvali can be the following loop next type provyazat connective loop and we 2 is formed ringlet which we will undergirding just same as the first Now turn
  • 05:44: knitting you ring we see this thread goes before we are knitting it null we grab for ring and you are loading polustolbiki and such polustolbikov do 10 can very closely 10 They were tied with 10 columns Now polustolbikov we pick up knitting
  • 06:14: we have two polustolbika with sc 1 and 2 and we all columns to one sc 7 bars 8 and 8 you but remember that it is we will have a column floor bar with one sc so we
  • 06:46: forming a second edge our tapes Knit with you again two three 4 5 6 7 and tread sc lowered knitting and go on the harness on for rear wall you see the February 1 loop 3
  • 07:19: mirta It is 6 though we were with you 6 loops made here even if both are center 1 turn loop our knitting I do inside rises again We start vyvyazyvayut polustolbikami for rear wall
  • 07:50: 35 years 4 5 6 them bad not as knead eleven 12 and now 13 loop
  • 08:22: who will turn It may be slightly will continue to losses I depend on the hook the thickness of the thread you can do 14 or 12 You will already look for their ignorance again 10 stitches March 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 May 1 top 5 loop
  • 08:54: before the end do coupling loop and we have another Collar and we will definitely also contact finish well, that's 6 Now it turns out, as it were here is a comb and the length of the brush, we will do such as us Now you need to look We mated finishing not coming back is a new ring ring ringlet
  • 09:24: well if you liked videos put the huskies subscribe to video you success and inspiration all the best to new appointments this