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Yeast dough for pie. On pies and pies most and that! The recipe from Ivan!  See details »



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  • 00:00: all welcome today we are with you preparing a cake respectively us you need to make the dough pie, and so we on the need of butter 100 gram or else margarine 2 cups milk here it's warm warm up their heads so that it was warm but not more hot 2 eggs 4 tablespoons sugar we It requires half tablespoons 2 teaspoons yeast salts and respectively
  • 00:30: Flour is so clear pour milk in add capacity here one and a half tablespoons spoons I like to do that, and that's even given the ban with you 4 tablespoons scoop
  • 01:03: even add you 2 teaspoons salt etc. take any
  • 01:33: manually without any problems I slightly zabesh mixer etc. will continue as peremeshaem add here are several tablespoons with hill approximately 3-4 spoon in a layout about us will glasses add a cup of flour shorter than 23 all again mixer is a part of
  • 02:09: business with bolt can interfere with spoon whisk the main thing that this whole thing is good Next, we mixed up leave minutes twenty in the warm place to have it rose that is, we We will prepare the brew as you realize further that will continue As for oil butter or margarine, and 100 and their we we put a little later and even if you think that
  • 02:40: put oil in the dough it is not necessary that it is in childhood pie I I think that the class you need if you're with This test is prepared pies belyashi is not in any case never Life does not go to the dough is sunflower oil not butter butter and not margarine nothing then why you understand when at you start frying fry or belyashi perish pies when you fire and
  • 03:10: pull the look on the dough, it will very juicy soaked the oil on which you fried you can press it you will go oil but very absorb plenty here this problem but We continue further so we continue to cook then it took me 20 opening minutes cover and we see here we have risen Our little dough
  • 03:40: couple there is more yet stand up just take two eggs, trying to drive them capacity here and it is 2 sing along with all of this all thing else with you Mix as eggs beat with a fork below I pour in here in dough and here we are with you
  • 04:10: Throws like here Oil now I heating is all about microwave, and also We add our dough so all her little I refined this business not much melted our need to oil is not cooked our Yeast is a game
  • 04:42: and now vsbaltyvaem then I sat and mixer Further theme featherbed add flour and themselves continue kneading our tests as well, all Now we are now is knead the dough on table until it will not have not stick to our hands and then put on one and a half to one and a half hours for proofing