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  • 00:00: oh but delicious cake especially now with the tea with the hot look What an unusual and cooking it unusual but very tasty advise you it must cook watching my video Stay with me on the very end and then you have it certainly certainly turn Hello dear gardeners and friends I you all gardeners I invite today to his kitchen and how we will always cook something
  • 00:30: tasty and sweet but of course as a it has always be very expensive and the pretty so we do not spend much time on preparation today we are going to your oven unusual cupcake in her well in principle is very Artist and Artist all my house This cake of jelly that we have for this we will need fight you jelly But in these packs and Herring can be in Basically there is also Cassie loose bags it will need 200
  • 01:00: gram, we need you three eggs us You need flour powdered sugar baking powder I took berries black currant frozen you can basically I take all that's can be raspberries and it could be cherry seedless it may just be raisins or may in principle, and no berries do not put it as you like we need butter
  • 01:30: butter 50 gram and that we we still need need grater mixer will I do These are small cupcakes here in such Now silicone molds Here's the way I want advise here these I have molds are pretty very, very long time I bought them fix the price list because it in general, that the most cheapest option and molds very good so I need pan to which I put these
  • 02:01: molds I was covered with it paper for which because In principle, this paper does not even bottoms burn in products and cake Well Well perhaps we are start that we start with you We should do now we will deal with our jelly, you see Here's a cake we giving him some capacity where we are prepare the dough and what we must do what we sure it like that should at capabilities to grind here
  • 02:31: It was such a homogeneous friable weight Now we crushed in jelly should gradually add one egg and mixer whisk here so one egg whisk adding on one of their eggs sous we you will leave the attack last turned 2 Zubkov
  • 03:03: represent bark jersey bother 2 yolk and small portions we are we will add butter 50 gram we need to add that's so small pieces and continue whisking This continues small in small pieces oil should not be just melted It should be soft and room temperature you add
  • 03:35: baking powder baking powder, we here add to you 1 teaspoon course better not to soda baking powder I generally like add Loosen like this one teaspoonful spoon added We continue with you add flour meal we will go with you 3 tablespoons gradually add flour and continue beating our dough Well that's about to be
  • 04:06: so we have to gorochkoy 3 tablespoons I put 3 tablespoons tablespoons flour but you know all sometimes it depends on quality flour so it is sometimes necessary Little adjust recipe and it is in this dough you can see it as a a little bit more creepy, I'll put one more thing this without gorochki dining room
  • 04:36: a spoonful of flour that is, I I put 4 tablespoons tablespoons flour should turn out like this how to see the pancakes a bit Now we thickish latest queue but in no case Of course, we do not agitated mixer or blender nickname sick because nothing that the berries can we should give birth will you add berries berries I at the beginning of the video He said that we have to you add any I will add berries blackcurrant
  • 05:07: a lot of skin Try not berries added because can get a cupcake bit damp here so for example on where the It did not work on it I added the number of 3 tablespoons blackcurrant currants course I He froze their way what we are now doing, and now have in our molds as they Silicone I them I never grease and we will be with you spread out the dough
  • 05:39: now we'll be with you lay out the dough for formochkam test I I laid out like this small small ladle and how always to our It comes to the rescue fix the price I bought it then the way is very comfortable and that's pancakes Here is a test or oven pouring very now we are comfortable should fill our molds our test fill them up but half molds even a little smaller
  • 06:09: half because our dough rise and that she did not run away I now fix a price I bought a lot at once these molds that's in I sell 2 pieces at once set very very conveniently from Here's inconvenient oven all kinds of cupcakes here yes even the ones you remember my people and was I gave you a hamburger with you baked here patties can be even do here in such formochkam very very
  • 06:39: conveniently portioned molds here but who No such course shapers you can Bake in principle some great form that's one big hexam and then cut in spacious Now we are We Send Our cupcakes the oven for bake baked they will be with you we you will be their bake at at 180 degree time Baking I again I say to all ovens
  • 07:10: it is different and check you with a toothpick or some wooden sticks they are ready or not but not ready turn off your a computer we stay see you on in the end what must be that the muffins we need them make our cupcakes with you are ready like I He said previously checked at a toothpick then there is here and so take it gently thrust his for those who do not know and
  • 07:41: she must be absolutely clean means they are ready at 180 degrees they have me Bake for 25 minutes now we have a little to them as would you embellish what we do, we take sugar powder and here and sprinkle sugar powder answer turns very nice and such they are delicious here you do not represent this way
  • 08:11: so now we have them you lay out on a dish our and will be here so delicious not very fast inexpensively problem it can make any any it is like this and you can It is here and so see the beautiful decorate like put on top berries black currant
  • 08:41: that's our ready cupcakes are very delicious we strewed powdered sugar on top We put on the berries currant embellished and not be ashamed and Basically go even to the festive table they are very tasty too but that I finish my reportage necessarily try to entertain their home home with you was Yulia me on your channel dissolved in garden vegetable garden till