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Knitting by spokes an elastic band Pattern with the twisted loops  See details »



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  • 00:00: Hello welcome you to my channel with you Elena today we learn to knit elastic one-to-one upholstered with loops We recruit loops on needle number + two to four fold edge loop I scored hinges 34 We begin to knit the first row of the first an edge loop we
  • 00:30: remove and then we you knit our report consisting of four loops facial loop Wrong face Now we do not loop break before work on shoot left needle loop 2 and entwine them once moved the tabs to Again the right not to work rented two
  • 01:01: loop on the left needle We circled our loops second time and moved to the right Wrong needle loop and repeat our report before the end of the series front Wrong front loop of thread 2 before operation loops We took off the left needle circled once
  • 01:31: loops back back on the right before working thread removed two loops on left circled January 2 loops back on right needle and Wrong loop knit to end of row We reiterate our report 4 loops and the last bead
  • 03:01: we loop Wrong because we you knit the first row second row knit 3 loop that we It is in previous row front provyazyvaem front loop seamy purl front Wrong face Wrong face Wrong because we
  • 03:34: you knit to the end a number a third row of the first
  • 04:08: remove an edge provyazyvaem 1 front 1 Wrong loop, and will knit our a report consisting of four loops front Wrong The front and back two recent knit loops we you kill 2 times loops are moved to left needle once They were not killed before work moved second time and returned
  • 04:39: Wrong loop and We reiterate our report until the end of a number of facial Wrong face not before work 2 Knit and last loop was removed on the left needle and beat them one time loops back on right and 2 1 Wrong We reiterate our report consisting of four
  • 05:10: five to the end of the series provyazyvaem 1 front
  • 05:57: 1 Wrong loop, and last bead Wrong loop so we are knit 3 number 4 number we are knit just like we knit 2 number that is 3 loops provyazyvaem that we is in previous row knit 3 loops which we is in previous row we knit with you to
  • 06:52: first to fourth a number of these we now 4 series will be with you repeat until the desired we heights We knit our gum one to one with studded loops repeating the first through fourth row we continue to knit finished knit our one sample of gum one with padded it loops gum in we unilateral front side
  • 07:23: Wrong thanks for all Attention action have questions write in comments Elena was with you bye Bye