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  • 00:00: александр 60 years old let's talk about hotels and evening prayers of ukraine believes that he good coach We have the full right to speak today about possible in any one can say yes a church shop or a bookshop the introduction of a prayer and this empire envelope is also treated as people say these here as a result of the Taliban attack certain frames are created but why are they you can pray so that their spontaneous purchases
  • 00:30: at the heart of a unwilling so treat yourself personally to God of course we can handle but I feel that means prayer for a child before reading serious books the child is better to combine that literally the year when he learns to read that bukovina otherwise combining the prices for services and already the words about will be already in words in add a proposal will understand the meaning
  • 01:01: by virtue of that read Warsaw was given that's exactly the same in the spiritual life Yes, we have practice when people pray yourself but already today has appointed that the fact that a man living in Primorye when you constantly scream and stress us always some kind of cares need family care and caring children care about his home coefficient production issues how to focus on a very serious prayer is very difficult
  • 01:32: June 3, since good is how once prayers stated pay attention to the conditions there is morning prayer crossing prayer is a prayer throughout the day there is a prayer for some special cases there working towards the dead traveling Lots of the beginning of some kind of good deed the end of a good deed before after graduation but that's what concerns morning and evening prayers from well and if u
  • 02:02: us here is a regulation of his stomach at 3 1 6 entrenched practice but the Monk Seraphim of Sarov he allowed people's employment recommended even its own rules but a shorter one Here also believe for those who through in the village in the field of production here he recommended his brief rule but here too alas, too, can play into the hands of advised his confessor and priests
  • 02:33: he will recommend what is needed of course, to the initial prayers who else got our blame to the world is very important as a headache is very important to address very important angel keeper appeal to the savior there is a mother of God and ask the harvesting of God bless for the coming day well, at the end of the day the same thing but that's only better than ours penitential prayers but the appeal to the world of the keeper here appeared the most important rub
  • 03:03: in this ballet directed is that we do not go away He or days spent a day without recourse to god so we do not began in India and without the blessing of God, and in order to avoid the word was also asked of God Forgiveness for doing so much wrong and not the right day and they asked God for a blessing on the upcoming match that's what you think plate and did not fall asleep without addressing a friend is extremely important
  • 03:34: so that we always in the case of the group leader, have always been the cover of the divine thaz it is extremely important not their number important for us quality of treatment to god but the main thing of course I do not know if you have a law of practice praying for the temple in Vladimir maminov was to save read as if manat tons but this is not by accident what is the practice of the patient because it's different people come to the temple
  • 04:05: with different moods at a boiler house, someone said something series the child will be born and who then someone will die who bought it accommodation and that something for the house is someone's apartment someone toyota corolla manual for years fortunately someone is broken machine 5 dollars burned and so on that's all come with different moods to the temple three years this monotonous reading of prayers to pacify and not such a chant but how do you know everyone people, she collects kopecks does as though
  • 04:37: one whole here we are intimate lips and with one heart we address two small on the alert monolithic Their state of mind of all believers is like at home you can read can take it like this how do you read the temple but more than 40 life bridge penitential feeling turn to God but only up to 1 turning to the block here you can you feel your cricket pure repentance of God's gratitude so that those or other small
  • 05:07: home stage somewhat different or distinct from to the chapters of Aaronoth prayer so here you are already like a swamp in Saturday, such a choice as you tell conscience and your heart