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  • 00:00: 7 or the couch and I'm glad welcome you to your kitchen today I will cook Berlin ry how to do Berlin ry has been in I channel but today I will be a furnace and Berlin or in the oven so if someone I need a prescription then stay with me and went to cook we need to this recipe somewhere on April 20 Stuff Well, such a small
  • 00:31: we have 300 milliliters of milk in I have 35 percent fat I heated it in here add milk 2 tablespoons sugar and one pachechku 7 grams of yeast have Do you have a fresh yeast then 20 grams of fresh pours the mix
  • 01:02: and leave as soon as the yeast begin to swell than kneading dough reserve with bath what more needs to be done for this we test We need two eggs, and these two eggs to whip until fluffy white mass dough I lock
  • 01:32: kneading his car therefore immediately sent to two eggs and a pinch of salt 1 packet of vanilla sugar and somewhere three or four tablespoons spoons of sugar More sugar is not necessary because then we will enter Berliner and jam and stuff
  • 02:02: will sprinkle icing sugar so 4 tablespoons Spoon enough but if you are there sweet tooth means add more and this is now necessary Beat what else I'm doing we need to break the 70 grams of butter oil I now it also melted and forgive flour flour which I take I take the first grade 350 grams of the highest grade and
  • 02:33: 350 grams and now it beautifully and continue eggs whipped yeast change flour sifted oil melted and do farther dough low speed now beaten eggs Why stir whisk the eggs to then baking was luxuriantly stir and add milk about Jeanne
  • 03:05: as and slowly add sifted speed 2 the dough is obtained enough liquid We add nothing. we have to add creamy add it to the end and knead
  • 03:36: More minutes running and melted in our will be four or five tablespoons see that it does not It was hot spatula forming
  • 04:12: such kalamburchik with spatula mushrooms as you like and cover with this dough foil and put in warm place for 30 min after 30 min We reach mix and another 30 minutes and then we will do Berlin radio coaches
  • 04:42: We will also be put on proofed Here is a test stand 30 minutes already started we went out it is necessary to mix and leave for another 30 40 minutes if you stand up minutes nothing terrible behind little table floured you can lubricate vegetable oil
  • 05:13: How do you like just mix and back again heat a soft dough obtained Do not add flour a dough Duncan
  • 05:43: upokoit should be if you stick to better to lay down arms oil Tel'nova forming bell and back Cover and put in the heat so I'm divided into twenty four things and now form all Berlin just fish But to the middle, and
  • 06:13: Now moisten warm some water and reserve 40 minutes on proving and then bake at at 180 degrees 15-20 minutes when all my Berlin fish I'm ready to connect I show that doing a these things He then even one oven pan I have completed already time to eat very tasty berlin pa
  • 06:47: the only thing that they can not stuff when they are hot to wait to they chill I drove them to start plum my home here with such I did nasadochka It showed on review and just doing hole start quietly refuel were killed and when they pull out hot jam melts and yet some
  • 07:19: ran out a little bit as well very scary when can a little doctors make hole quietly squeezing and to take out well, at least a little bit more there drown
  • 07:50: Pauline was and what else need to do sprinkle these Berlin powdered sugar ry I I love when then and you eat it powdered sugar so I considered here's a little anointed and starting and grease of butter can be lubricated
  • 08:20: sugar syrup then to it powdered sugar I kept them on top of a little smeared leave to soak up and then sprinkling icing sugar remained the top then sprinkled icing sugar Now I continue all I remind you of the types and
  • 08:54: leaflet but also want to show the same as there is something inside inside they are very tasty and tender subfolder is not It looks like bernie real Berlin the only thing that paradise Berlin Jurassic roasted vegetable oil I them from the cycle in the oven you let Break show
  • 09:24: so here they are look inside myagenkie delicious and if someone I liked my recipe I can repeat I think that they will also enjoy and cook happy to eat health I wish you all Bon Appetit and see you soon on
  • 09:55: my kitchen until all