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  • 00:00: Hello to everyone, dear friends are you on the channel poltergeist with you Bogdan and today I'm you I'll tell you how to do it so that thorin threatened faster download torrent if we do not have downloaded then it will be you under descriptions where to download it so so I launch my own torrent here it is and not opens now I'll tell you how to do it here so that it loads much faster so it's me I will suspend when you you download it here
  • 00:30: run and you have here no downloads what do we do first right below you there will be a toronto icon some blue eyes some reds me here personally senecks clicking on the right I select the mouse button limiting recoil and in the constraint of recoil exhibited the most a small thing a small number here I will soon be seven hundred kilobits per second so I need set 3 or 2 I exhibit always 2
  • 01:02: so and when and also admission restriction when you download from you will stand on 500 But we must not is limited to speed of your the Internet was spent on download any games or video is not limited later after these settings open the torrent Once you have it opened on the bottom right of the it is in the section torrent torrent be badge
  • 01:33: some are empty in some such circle with a tick and have some !! yellow press two times and what we do rate of return personally I put on the very optimal for my computer and my interesting internet I do not have for my Internet is the most the optimum is 16 and 38 body bits per second but
  • 02:04: you can put 2856 above not to put well you do not have to put because the Internet starts undermine for some reason and bandwidth expose expose Tokyo because quite convenient ship from there because that as though now will explain soon if here for example, select
  • 02:34: china or russia then speed for some reason I'm starting to fall I know why this is but drains and if you have Beeline Beeline Home ru and others Internet all but there is a firm you polinka on and leaves the wai they also have a file your internet then from there to then it is necessary choose where you are live and it's better post Tokyo after these settings are not us
  • 03:05: remove it click test and you slightly dive and everything seems to be ok so now about the main function torrent if you are very fast you need to download any and program of the game or video click the right mouse click that we want to download first run it that the bank she swung then about mouse button and forcibly that is all your speed the Internet is generally all Internet speed
  • 03:35: will go to downloading this video game application or something like that then there is if you go in any browser zenith google is not I will not close because there I shake cracker wi fi so let's say now here is the starting page can be but also upload it it is very unlikely that if we are so write clubs he is not in someone's
  • 04:08: search will not be either all speed goes into Metro Well, I personally have the toy is downloaded now me speed 600 Well this is what when volume that to me one more person is sitting in wai-faia in my so, well, it seems basic settings which are pretty well increase speed of your
  • 04:38: Internet I'll tell you told but if you know of any Another way is settings not through some left programs that may cause malicious other programs something is a virus some then unsubscribe where is here can still be increased speed Well, this is the maximum that I I know about the torrent so all thanks for all while I hope that I helped you