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  • 00:00: Hello dear lover sewing continue talk about our sewing helpers and Today, the main character Here is a shop it does not rule using itself currently only combination with other paws it can be used combined with the usual Foot for sewing machines can use sweet combination switch to a lesson in I showed how to sew baby I have used the skirt the foot in sweet combination switch and we were there
  • 00:30: sew gum gum ranks Now with the help of this foot today I I show as it is you can use but Here, for example, you can With this foot stretch Fleece Blankets or say potholders you can still like do pads warm coat I have this tab often used the One time I was very
  • 01:00: many sewed the top clothes but I am now I show how it can be use For example here I two pieces of fabric and between sintepon here is a sandwich now exists and must be draw a line in the general line of this It will be the direction of which you will then you can scribble even so do I
  • 01:31: I will overcome it now will diagonally means I draw any line 2 even in one in the other direction like that at 45 degrees and like that one 43 World Qi klim Drafted two lines all the rest later pubis and make all go scribbling on
  • 02:05: typewriter handily is attached to the garment car like this here there is a hole adapters needed here unscrew the screw and insert foot and set up, as it were the width of your future joint Well for example I want to at a distance it all together in his id and you can attach to and the other hand for example, see Let's open a
  • 02:36: posts from the other country like that because she It can also perform its function eg you need to seam width is such but I'm the party simplify I fix anything button and of course in front of you nevertheless need or
  • 03:08: large stitch like something about throwing your product or stab pins in different directions and the first line I will usually lines for the second and The following are respect to this line but that's how I put foot line
  • 03:44: On the previous line and continue to scribble Here you can not follow the needle and watch foot foot should move exactly went Now the same thing
  • 04:14: I can do or on foot put this hand if impossible turn the product it's big here it means foot turned over to the side I shown in the first to one direction now, thanks second line postrochu other direction first do the usual line subsequent cases on width foot here this turned
  • 04:45: fast results can now handle all bias binding on the edges and give some little girl Blankets for small pupa but this Example For example you to do on horizontal seam at Coat here I drop I have done here stachnoy seam and is now on horizontal can Of course to do with the using the normal foot Here you bet and and on the edge of the foot follow to go walking along the edge
  • 05:16: legs but that you turn but slowly enough It can be done faster when connect one more thing a foot in the job this way the nose is not enough that is, the width Lapot but there is still stop that will abut Now only her can barely to lift it not pressed onto the fabric
  • 05:46: yes yes yes not hurt and how progress can be simply spread little cloth delimiter keep here the seam and thus may be do their job much faster better get perfectly flat but
  • 06:17: pay attention to a drop from here line does not because it will be visible that this fabric what to do if we for example want select line can use here a woolen thread view If we add here thread here already will be stitching
  • 06:47: dedicated means for to us this respite we do use a combination of foot line plus foot when we switch help foot can switch stitched Now this woolen thread stitched to woolen thread needed put needle in the center is now will not work use left to the position we are in the foot width which astra
  • 07:17: here we especially useful foot line I Now I put on Center I do not have to will go through the middle, it itself here will all sew in general for the thread I can not to follow her foot track and here I will set the width of the line using tabs line at the beginning of sewing a must pull the strings woolen thread here It is already going on middle legs
  • 07:48: foot switch line of control seam and is enough for me only knead in side but push lightly son did not find Here is the turned by countries I skirt with this fabric I I used here
  • 08:18: a woolen thread Here is the otstrachivaem woolen thread in finished product this is my skirt but before than you otstrachivaem ready Of course the product Try to pieces if your friend is stretch out You will need to seamy side to glue seam area a thin strip tufted nonwoven he will protect
  • 08:48: the seam region of stretching wish beautiful work use the tab line and go to the feet our club will much more interesting video