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  • 00:00: welcome all to my channel I name Irina Ivanitskaya and in this master class I'll show you how to make Bracelet with winter colors for you will need polymer clay white and blue fimo gel and tools blue plastic and white shape triangles and I add them together
  • 00:31: I starting to roll out clay as shown in one direction can roll or rolling pin aid under Article machines and roll out we add a layer one half direction as time until you get smooth color transition after receiving formation and I again fold in half but on the other hand to that he turned narrow and rolled it again in the post machine for two to three
  • 01:01: sizes smaller the resulting tape curl into a tube slightly early as May and and blue color should be inside thin blade I cut the tube on four parts every part is already May
  • 01:32: making it flat collecting all the details the same color together and slightly longer by May I cut the resulting sausage into 2 equal of the stack them
  • 02:02: together again I crimped repeat it some action just to turned slightly striped pattern Here's a sausage should get cut off part of the produced sausages
  • 02:33: over and over and clutching making it is thinner and less You should have 2 different sausages size cut them thin blade and I begin to form petals just zaschipyvaem edge with two side lobes, too should get 2 sizes recruit large flower on small circle white clay glue 5 petals in a circle
  • 03:04: white side inside help yourself DOTS a second layer of the five collect petals In a similar manner but the petals sticking to as the previous junction I would be in a staggered order of and begin to lightly
  • 03:40: tighten up petals up glue in the center of the five small petals on the same principle and too little to tighten them up lower petals, too
  • 04:12: tighten up floret We collect the same way but the two layers sticking petals in a circle and too little to tighten them up which cut two range of different sizes and blue plastic and paste it on their pins
  • 04:42: on a little one-on a large circle with your 2 pin fimo gel surface and stick to it the center of all flowers color paste it glass rhinestones the same We make with all flowers must Get 5 More are two small Flower at this stage all bake 15 minutes at 110 degrees choose bracelet bends with bin the reverse side, too loop
  • 05:12: help yourself Round beads also collect on pins and do feedback loop side collect all connecting them with flowers beads between large flowers shall be two small beads we catch on the edges
  • 05:43: little flowers we catch clasps and This bracelet winter flowers and ready thank you all for view wish you more inspiration and success and we will meet in
  • 06:13: following workshops