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DIY Russian nozzles. Cupcake decoration  See details »




Video subtitles:
  • 00:00: we have prepared and cream we decorate our on the nozzle for the roses in order to beautiful color cream we effect divide the food film and gel dye draw some strips on it then we top
  • 00:34: put scream white the colors are very thinly first coat red stripes that they do not mingled over white cream we layer is applied pink now we Cream
  • 01:04: turn off and We collect in the cylinder Now put cylinder with cream here with a bag create attachment pressure in the bag and We begin to decorate I'll start with a muffin midway order to happen More roses look what
  • 02:02: beauty, we replaced to weave rose by 7 petals also changed the color of cream now it has become more dark and continue decorate our muffins we mix with cream
  • 02:35: green dye and add to muffins leaves Now we will do with
  • 03:27: dark roses also add leaves see how obtain flower set