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  • 00:00: Good day dear gardeners and garden with you I am glad Tatiana all welcome on your channel threatening to the garden today I want you show and tell how to grow seedlings you will without land-rolled cigarette Now look what increased brine danfoss will
  • 00:31: just two week virtually not fit in frames look I love grows all through seedlings spring to a bit earlier eat fresh vegetables vitamins and so a place to grow all cups I no I do not have such
  • 01:01: capabilities so I have all grow through seedlings at As early vegetables here including beans it is because I have a and that it is low in I will rise greenhouse on the edge of one ryadochek with tomatoes I always compacts all you have seen fit I'll be with cucumbers chinese cabbage Beans grow here It grows well in greenhouse and near tomatoes is a very two cultures that
  • 01:32: friends with each other, and beans it all the bird even gives the best harvest than open soil that is it done with a view to early to get first vitamins very first vegetables convenient way Now I'll show you how she He feels seedlings beans like these Cigarette it goes very quickly somewhere in the fifth day it right too good start
  • 02:03: go here and for week and a half since the moment sprouting here We get such beautiful strong seedling not be easily removed paper here they are the roots when landing, I like this and bury all perfectly survives him alive I'm not one hundred percent first year as disembark the
  • 02:33: I like the way cigarette from my two such here leaves is not leaflets and bags with two such bags but not It fits somewhere pieces 30 beans in principle it is enough for 100 on the whole gryadochki a series of tests greenhouses, not only in the greenhouse is very convenient may look any roots
  • 03:05: no land power have enough seeds fine crop It obtained in the ground especially in the spring it is necessary either to wait until land very It warmed up here either if you are not in sadite very warmed the earth one or a very long time goes beans or may not even ascend seeds is that in him this cold ground piece of plate than before Now I have my own seeds I have it on too
  • 03:35: Essentially this is my curly beautiful brand that I love see what points this will lead to workshop on perfect pods I can even show college ruled 20 centimeters look how more than that is they dried form 20 centimeters and so they up to 30 centimeters comes here these here line very juicy in seeds are very
  • 04:07: gentle fibers do not have this cake I have more than 15 s helmet very much value I love all unmatched So I sort of seeds in this way dried and rent pour in the post and then just in the room conditions they dry up and water thundering state seeds remain a few years in this a very good their way to collect families it means look there
  • 04:38: small nuance and Now I will quickly show you how I then laid out seeds on the package there is the same principle as in all previous methods but there is one such little about nyuansik which now I will for show and tell To better about We broke it beans see laid multiple layers
  • 05:08: just damp plain water especially well It comes without any stimulants and something it has to large seeds power enough here to such an you've seen what hole and that's worth it cigarettes laid somewhere on distance centilitre We need half a centimeter
  • 05:38: apart somewhere centimeters from top of this blood enough can not be laid matter how arbitrarily can the sides can be here so lying without a difference completely rostochku not very well they are very strong
  • 06:08: germinate well and now look to We many times I you show washi shaft when the seeds I'm on top of the paper a second paper layer Now I do not fit I tell you that to large strong well sprouted need another one layer of paper necessary so that moisture as it was varnishes well on all sides our seeds and well damp
  • 06:41: simply turn off look what compact we Kru comes naturally. It takes place minimum and see how can grow Here seedlings taking this area without glasses
  • 07:12: ploshechki pots all It grows well result but the harvest is not impact it has verified divination tested experience cellophane very well It holds its shape more rigid material will be more but not as compact it will take more room in cellophane flow in excellent feels put It means in a ploshechku and be sure to water covering flow on top of the package as I I have said somewhere fifth day there
  • 07:43: seedlings put in warm bright place and here please for half of the following: this week's state grows beans so I recommend this way of buy seeds Bean is a different and the beautiful and useful I see before you and yellow and purple that is what you want this tasty and healthy beans on the composition closer to the meat of the eat protein plant beans legumes it approximate composition to natural meat
  • 08:14: that is, it is very helpful and really actually a good thing vegetables here recommend all planting beans, do not be afraid to grow many seedlings culture here please like this if the liked videos put the huskies subscribe to my the yield on the channel garden with you was Tatiana all up bye all good bye bye