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Irish lace. (Part 1) of the BASIS of KNITTING  See details »



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  • 00:00: Hello this video devoted Irish lace one of the most beautiful techniques knitting Irish lace It is also considered to give rather complicated technique and few dare to knit Irish lace It is believed that Irish lace it is destiny professional is not legs as if you
  • 00:31: able to link here a leaf or floret I think you can already and begin to Irish lace another feature in this technique is the fact that there no means to do without players If earlier we somehow I managed to get around this
  • 01:03: the way there is no longer pass irlanskoe lace but enough not flexible and so be sure to If you knit, we We comply with all proportion we do 2 Rilke all recesses folds and so further if you do not You know how to do cries
  • 01:34: then you can contact an appointment to professional cutter which you do to players let's talk a little bit about how crochet knit from Irish lace you can simply connect motives to each other a needle or during
  • 02:04: visas during knitting just every motive we connect between You can create a separately fishnet hook and already Svetku impose motives and sew it or until one I can connect motives
  • 02:34: ok we mesh combine motifs net we spread our motives and emptiness which are located between the motives we connect the grid can be connected sirloin grid so called
  • 03:06: regular mesh or a grid cell but more often are used irregular grid which is represented by irregular grid a grid which It fits arbitrarily different directions and her cell size differ what can we say about the threads of which we
  • 03:37: Knitting can be knit motifs and mesh and so the same thickness but more accurately and more gently turn if you knit grid of labels much thinner than thread that you knitting motifs
  • 04:08: You can also knit the same color as the I have shown you can knitting motifs different colors or e.g. we were binding motifs one color and mesh completely different