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  • 00:00: hi I'm Emily the creative director with
  • 00:32: heartfelt creations everyone's always asking me for some new flower shaping techniques today I'm bringing some of my favorites using the new botanical rose floral so join me and we'll learn some new techniques together this is the botanical rose I stamped it in a dark brown ink on a white cardstock it comes from the botanical rose stamp set you can see on the back it also has the two leaves included when you pull this out of the package you'll have a storage panel or you can just store it in the
  • 01:02: package if you like the coordinating die has the rose in it plus a butterfly and two leaves so to get started we're going to show you a quick coloring technique that I love for my flowers it's easy and you will quickly learn to do this by blending several colors together I'm using a harvest chalk ink by the way we do have the chalk inks on our website now so you'll be able to snatch those colors up and we have the berry alysha's
  • 01:32: color ink as well and I'll just use this on the tips of the petals just to add a little bit of a two-toned color technique you can really kind of experiment with the different colors and get completely different looks just based on which colors you put together so we'll just finish this off on the edge so once you've colored it you're ready to shape for this specific flower I really wanted to get a great rounded effect on the petals so to do that I'm using this new tool and I'm using the
  • 02:03: largest tip now this tool is very unique it's a new stylus set it has a magnetic tip so if the tips are interchangeable so when you get this set it has your molding mat it has a piercing mat and it has ten tips that you can use with your flap for your flower shaping and so I absolutely love it so we'll get started by using this tip and just going in a very large circular motion at the tip of the petal if you use this large tip that will give you a nice smooth edge and you
  • 02:36: can use that on larger flowers or larger peddled flowers so we'll just flip that right side up and just give it some firm even pressure in the center so that's what I did for this flower I added two of the same-size on top of each other to create the flower center I'm going to still be using the largest tip in the stylus set and just really firmly press down now the trick to this is just making sure
  • 03:06: that you give it a lot of pressure sometimes that's a little bit hard to do especially when you're just learning how to do this and just go again just go in a circular motion right in the center of the of the flower and the stamp side is on the inside on this one and you'll notice that I also sponge the outer edges of this flower just a little bit so when that's sticking up it looks well in the center of the flower so your next step is just gluing those flowers together and you have a perfect flower like this this is a completely different variation of the wild rose with this one
  • 03:38: I sprayed some water on the back when you spray water on the back it really relaxes the fibers of the paper and it makes it very easy to shape I'm using a very narrow stylus tip and just kind of give it a couple random kind of just press down just randomly on the back that really relaxes the fibers of the papers now once you've done that you can flip it right side up and I do a pleated technique with this and you'll just kind
  • 04:10: of randomly press those petal tips together and when you do this at first it might feel a little bit awkward or not look like it's it's turning out to be anything but just keep on going and with this one I have pleated the petals these I had done prior those are already dry but once you've done that just go back and use your larger stylus tip especially for the large flower just press that little bit down in the front
  • 04:41: while you are still keeping the tips pinched and then once that's dry it will dry very stiff when I'm doing these flowers I'm usually working with a sixty to eighty pound card stock I get asked that question a lot once you've pinched it you can go back and you could add another layer to this flower so that makes it just a more full flower if you do that to create these really tiny flowers I love to use the water mister again and just really
  • 05:11: use a lot of pressure so I'll just spray a little bit of water on the back and then I use a very narrow stylist tip and just really press down on the tip of each petal and I press it hard enough that it pretty much looks like I'm using a score line in the middle so do that on each of the petal tips and then you'll flip it right side up and just go in a really tight circular motion in the center of the flower and then you can pick that up and you can kind of squeeze
  • 05:42: it together and layer those flowers together and it will give you a really cute little blossom I love it for like branches for the springtime so in the butterfly medley collection we have the botanical rose along with the dye and the leaves with this one we also have the butterfly medley stamp and die combination so we have two dies that are releasing in February which is amazing I love all these different butterflies that you get to work with and in the
  • 06:12: samples that I'm showing you'll see the butterflies and florals used and mixed together in my next video I'll show some more techniques on those butterflies here's another botanical wings butterfly set that has the other ones that goes with the butterfly die that I just showed this is the botanical rose bouquet and with this one here is a fun sample that was done with one of the stamp sets that is in this package as well all the samples that I'm showing are online with complete instructions so
  • 06:43: you'll see that there are some more stamps in this set and those were used on this card sample you'll see this one was just done on vellum with white ink white embossing powder it's very simple yet very very stunning this dreaming beauty is a fun background here I used it with a glue pad some glitter and then I use the shaping techniques for the flowers on the side so that paired together well my next video I'll show you the butterfly technique with the clear cardstock here's another
  • 07:13: example of this stamp set I'm just stamped in black and colored this one kind of pops up like that and uses the flowers on the side and then I have a couple more here's a butterfly this is a really clean and simple card just in with some gold and then here's another stair-step card so the designers really had some fun putting these card samples together for you and then the paper collection I love the color scheme it's a very springtime there's a lot of
  • 07:45: butterflies you can see the individual sheets by going clicking the link below and looking at the individual sheets in online so this is a great addition to the stamps and the dies in this collection you'll love using these flower shaping techniques for your projects you can see more inspiration by visiting our gallery you can also subscribe to our youtube channel so you don't miss out on future videos thank you so much for joining me today and I will see you next time