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  • 00:00: good house got into arms dash panel from reno megan 2 price tag 2004 years with a malfunction does not turn on this is a common immodesty for this instrument cluster as the forums say everything happens because of overheating burns out tire kilometer power transistor which even the words of the field
  • 00:30: a transistor that is in a cascade from light in general power management gas-discharge indicators of which this panel 2 pieces the first is precisely information on all parameters the car somehow included and devices speed level of fuel organ oil so on temperature second engine less responsible for We are ready to display
  • 01:01: the disassembly process itself I show the panel I will not because it's it's all just a bug literally external 10 and self-tapping screws and 4 latches The main problem in repair from their panel thing is you need to shoot a big gas-discharge indicator thing is fragile enough on many forums
  • 01:31: it turns out that people they say that enough to solder small group contact is here and there Simplicity bends the display and get access exactly to the impulse block nutrition that is approximately here in this place also we will not do it whole field this one indicator there is a lot of work no for convenience removal of the indicator we
  • 02:02: use with plovoy fold that will reduce temperature melting of solder and ordinary suction solder this when working with an alloy times for this required powerful enough holiday a little bit patience it is possible to add
  • 02:32: plus plus to a friend and for such purposes steep 120 is enough will suit anyway The card will be washed and etc by the way, very well seen in this section of the board traces of overheating textolite in place of
  • 03:05: green color acquired a brownish investigation precisely the problem which we will now solve your fanaticism here the main thing that basic solder on which is held de contacto
  • 03:35: began to hold big enough amount of alloy times I get older this gives very good decrease in temperature at a subsequent subsequent evaporating this connector of this indicators this part free of charge the next half also apply flux add words and
  • 04:10: warm up all the legs some use a hairdryer for removing the consequences of such indicators connectors
  • 04:40: then I'm waiting for it to read old classic this is the suction of solder spray residue
  • 06:28: excess alloy times is removed mechanical way and easier speaking pick one's nails you need to make sure that these sprays are not remained on none from contacts here just avoid avoid all cows appears as though by the way
  • 06:58: here's a funny thing retired into one the hole there is stuck data you required ordinary Chinese heat and suck for your own your mouth cleaning
  • 07:32: contact flows sites here is the remainder solder such what is held on by itself the indicator warmed up know little by little remember and delete Come which prevents us from cracks announcer benefits up to
  • 08:04: the point is that transitional hole pad remains absolutely clean they gave needs a card all possible meters and itself indicator should to learn from there was not enough a deer I have hundreds
  • 08:34: a piece of paper says now it is fixed so scary the whole process disclosure about cantal clay I will show only final result that's practically cleared
  • 09:05: contact try again focus on the main task the main task which we sought do it so that contact hole a where he here at me here I do not know can not see dangled that is it means that solder and destroy it right away can turn out
  • 09:36: can not be possible will have to walk around holes in the principle as a result We will absolutely clean the hole is clean solder and clean foot indicator that ready for removal and reinstallation to his native place process itself and again show I will not be next will remove indicator to them and move in the general himself
  • 10:06: the moment has come when the indicator is already can be removed lightly warm up with a hairdryer temperature of the hair dryer 250 300 degrees is no longer I must repeat all contact with us hang out their holes just warming up area solder He slept little became softer
  • 10:39: it is necessary for that where else keeps the fee itself indicator work went out here as you can see from one practically plant came out the most the problem is that large-large contact groups which are slightly light resists a little loudly
  • 11:10: it turned out well asks for a bell will continue a little later and again Hello we removed the indicator this is a process long enough but Simultaneously simple nothing complicated here absolutely not we will postpone the indicator aside because he to us like this soft and turn
  • 11:42: directly to the dress itself more specifically, power supply which is managed and the glow of bit indicators and main food fees key malfunctions which can be very rocks it blown burnt out overheating
  • 12:13: Franciscus flick prf 37 5 and circuit board more precisely tires less often it happens when the signal from processor signal to including the shear itself and even more rarely burns winding on capacitor to collection of cowards what is it but the main serviceability transistor and bus
  • 12:43: occurs and all because of because of the fact that contact disappears here in this set so many 1208 in my building wild and removes These containers here tantalum ceramic and foreign capacity no, we will all of them throw out resistors indiscriminately we will change
  • 13:14: capacity also without parsing because the fee was warming up in this place is very strongly that is about it says this one party ie textolite in this place became brown more precisely not textolite lacquer that is here high enough the temperature was in principle high temperature is very bad words for these bones how to punish and
  • 13:46: they are very capacious. likes overheating then there is over time degrades it falls in them capacity that is they go here face value directly to repair we will pass later regret My chest does not live transistors in this competition is not 2 tins will be available come back a little later
  • 14:16: the main video was devoted to the fact that how to break the indicator with lots of indicators connectors with big amount the knife is now me I will do that rang all guides who tied to a chain of shilda transistor on breakage issue basked for a drop temperatures are possible also wire breakage on this I say goodbye
  • 14:46: all the best until new meetings