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  • 00:00: strawberry cultivation technology Good health, dear friends! I am Vladimir Parkhomenko Discovering new column on his blog vovantur dot com on strawberries. My friends We began to frequently asked questions I Vova, how you're a tourist and suddenly strawberries, why? One side I like sweet, I love strawberries.
  • 00:30: Who does not love her? Her young and old love to all. On the other hand working on the computer, creating such sites, I began to feel that there is some slouch, enslavement in the joints. I do not like to sit still and hiking is not so often have to walk. This year, only 4 times went. Therefore, I decided to do
  • 01:02: strawberries There is quite a good exercise. Here and sit-ups and tilts, carrying gravity, turns diversity. A very large variety. Somehow one of my friends He joked, perhaps with age better get used to the ground. To a certain degree every joke has a bit of truth. And how would one feature
  • 01:32: I am for a healthy lifestyle. I want to tell you in this section of the strawberries. I want to tell how grow strawberries without chemicals. As it is now known almost all strawberries grown using it herbicides, pesticides, with different growth stimulants. I tried
  • 02:03: on their experimental pilot area to leave from this. I got this. Immediately, when I started I not told about this. I'm the kind of person you need first check for yourself. Then talk to people already. I checked. And now I want to offer this You. Now a lot of articles on strawberries. On the Internet, a lot of very articles.
  • 02:33: But I want to show virtually in movies as I do. The main feature of my get away from chemical exposure soil, growing strawberries. As organically ... That is about all that I order you I will tell you. Another important!
  • 03:04: When you really start to engage in strawberries, whether for themselves or or maybe you'll make a big business On this. A very important point to that what you will do to you We loved this thing. That you like it. Then You will want to improve, want do the job and then he will result. Another very important point, that you have a mentor.
  • 03:35: There were people who We could and would like to help you. In principle, the same as in any other case. And by the way I would like to thank in his blog my mentor Svetlana Borisenko which really helped me very in the cultivation of strawberries. She to me I picked up a grade helped plant, showed how it's done. It showed all this technology. And now it is me a lot
  • 04:07: It helps. I am very grateful to her. also grateful his father, who helped me raise Now this is the land land, plant, that is, to support me in everything. Due to its smaller son who It is helping to create here these here videos you'll see. All who I'm surrounded by. Another very important! it even
  • 04:39: It may be put in charge. When you sadite strawberries, strawberries matter, engage agriculture, sadite in the ground - Ask Earth-Mother, ask a higher power or in what you believe that help you in cultivation, the growth of your plants in similarity, you gave a good harvest.
  • 05:09: Later, when you gather the harvest - thank them for what you helped to grow the strawberries. Sign Up sign up New articles of my blog and see you on the pages of the blog