Gel varnish. Secrets of drawing a foil with a print of 2015.  See details »

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  • 00:00: Hello I nato William
  • 00:31: for you today I decided to make a video at actual topic nail coating gel lacquer, applying transfer foil Scranton in this video I will show technology I work with glue Paul where I will help in this master class, I well I reveal the secrets and Field work with the gel varnishes and answer frequently Asked questions the first as a right Apply gel polish second as a cause foil to it long hold on the nails and the third as a transfer foil on
  • 01:02: the entire nail prepare for this nails on a standard technologies treat your hands hole crepe if We need to perform manicure or shifts the inner lining pusher shooting Gloss buffer unit without damaging natural nail degreasing nail plate primer without touching the skin around the nail and dry on in we put the air base gel lacquer
  • 01:34: carefully end seals nail dried in lamp three minutes if cardboard is possible cover it with a base to two coats previously each layer having dried the lamp I cover the little finger universal will pay for manna number 24 gentle cop who
  • 02:05: for both coating gel varnish on natural buttons and for broken dry them in the lamp three minutes nameless cover gel lacquer number 108 ripe eggplant can for this design choose any dark gel nail polish which you have to availability medium cover
  • 02:36: gel lacquer Diamond couples can number one hundred and thirty eight and land led 3 minutes the index finger I picked up the gel varnish 105 sensual lilac when you pick up colors for the base your design they try to were contrasting with respect to the foil that when not blended the background is very important thumb cover universal white gel Mans number 29 since the trace
  • 03:08: tight enough and cover in one coat and dry them in the secret of the lamp quality It is to design adhesive coated nails foil a very thin layer This is very important because how it will affect the Clutch with adhesive foil and gel nail polish also very important apply the adhesive retreating side parties and free cut 0 5 millimeters sushim glue 5-10 minutes air up to complete disappearance
  • 03:38: milky and appearance transparency is may depend on air temperature your room I chose the foil blue prints so like me at seminars frequently asked questions fight like glue to the entire design transferred to a new it is much denser plain bids so the technology for application
  • 04:08: It is different from a simple glossy foil it should be borne in mind I chose to pinky foil with cartoon heroes are now so popular I carefully presses foil to the nail and carefully remove transparent film in ring finger and beer Baroque desk
  • 04:38: which has silver base carefully presses thumb and to tear off sharply to design and all remained on the nails on the middle finger I picked up the foil summer floristry as well cuddle and as you can see at he almost It peels off film index finger
  • 05:12: I will decorate very popular mesh foil with colors and on a large notes will move ornaments that very impressive look on neutral white background reimplemented our Design and finish sushim 3 minutes ultraviolet lamp
  • 05:42: to foil not peeled off Cover the finish gel lacquer with sticky layer two times seal the well we put the nail end cuticle oil our design is ready fast and effective importantly very quality if have any questions
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