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  • 00:00: Attention my internet account all subscribers hi guys here already such roller is well a man came Valeria good familiar it means recently brought not seems show me da lo rambler And so the three boys with this flashlight here he comes upon
  • 00:31: He took off his lost I brought it did not low conductive circuit not to say there is no love so everything was removed, I do not he works for series tested has been working on the case I he gave, he left I can put I explain how to put he was see why it the world men There is an opinion
  • 01:04: wrong way she is that is placed on the 4 cylinder ignition is not possible for any put you concerns if the fourth combine a label at you all at once the whole strange question ask why on the fourth why and why anyone He knows that in the fourth cylinder at this time as to take and while there may be so for example at issue We plowed field in two cases coming up so mean compression and exhaust stroke
  • 01:34: then release the valve opens I go let it go piston not who said that the fourth cylinder no guys are not held neither know yes for fourth in the literature in the following way must have three labels we matched here you single it 3 this attention is draw means 3 respectively It called first here this label camshaft
  • 02:04: It should be combined with break it here Here on the case valve of the camshaft 2 mark on the label on a pulley ermine coincide with the bottom marks on the block the lid 3 and seldom the slider piston fraction 4 are 3 to 4 times Here's his March 4 but right here at bees and fired But when the fourth the movie will be so
  • 02:37: compress and and so we do not know even guys nick no one is listening Nobody knows when be it in the compression the wagon can be err on the 108 degrees wrong I all that I speak as it is necessary to properly do do not know is the tag mismatch then a shot down label take Vytegra runner so I I show you We put this cabinet We put in the lower position risk we have a full-fledged Kay
  • 03:07: in a lower position on the long mark put not You know where you which cylinder you It found as compression take lifted tramblor slider and set either 4 or 1 to guess guess zavedetsya the car is not good zavedetsya raised and 180 degrees turned everything and then you live Exact machine here I now I have no
  • 03:37: the key is nothing there key from a short day birth will to ask me a clue Ratcheting and so brought no I remember the key I showed you part Now I look at how many stairs Yaga little vestibule navel Babur somehow I started Katka there I drove here we are we will put him flashlight yesterday I showed that he working well, sonar find out he could not, he took off his
  • 04:07: he did not put Starts at me Twist where you can correctly discontent can see here again because of traffic jams I put a brandy the second cylinder I can explain the war and the second carbon seen all dark cool operator guy came Denis he is become son in law it is generally well done clever, I immediately began faded you go out to wipe
  • 04:37: lens can the poor do not age brought rags Hotel Village you He understands rubles potatoes nothing You know so. I look and Now to watch for this thing indeed I quickly plug Now I take to look men again begin I start it shows a second cylinder there have so now I
  • 05:08: bring to sit at me gone left left put soon to no longer fire devoured come on 3 synonym show here sometimes slowly he will do leaves
  • 05:41: it is necessary to put it on Now she scored see Well ka ka went out again to it's me fly focus focus is not but I will manage continue to make you understand 1 night at a rather strong at the shoulders It is so good bodies so quietly I passed downstream from a
  • 06:22: she just plans well They were both offensively this music u2 Sundays one more time there is no way at present Now she does not care and flies so fast piston and all come men's all down to
  • 06:52: here and watch here Now look here men's all here look here at the second cylinder is also piston compression It is in the upper a dead position caused the dead top Look for this situation all then everything is close Just as much watching Runner us 1342 9 V and here
  • 07:23: Now the food is not ran Now that little you do we take Now the key 13 will lalalala la-lala-la I generally even rented any marks I can not make
  • 07:53: I know that writing in the second cylinder so take and some are not even nothing broth rarely does anything so squeeze in the second cylinder here here here so difficult to reach your friend here we are very moves type Is my favor red viburnum
  • 08:27: today has already utrechkom 5 hours there Ulyanovsk ended wires Of course all this
  • 08:58: to quench chore guy takes effect I need to do in I have a link between stand came yesterday did this man Samara denis 10 is to shoot as we are now well take men I do not know not only timer
  • 09:28: there's so took all Now rip This prokladochku 1 I place the main chulada We did so on runner stood on Cylinder 2 tour I put this thing I look again and then case of such a pancake keeping him their plaque-fly attended part of okay
  • 09:59: where there is no opt back until I began to go out now! Here and there we quickly We made a stop there Stop just click Where expectations but red even a box that Here, too, and so guys we continue role digress for wires long put look or rub I twist like how I want here and now look here
  • 10:30: we have so squeeze in Eaten second case 2 Now this set midway to be been here all move and even here not I put it here then I can not help but had not done I can do this later MSU's neighbors will look cross our that's cute cover costs And so that's well worth it. this is the first to be 2 raised by 2 looks I do not like it, you can
  • 11:00: a little bit here and so a little bit like this do well short He looks at 2 looks of garlic on the garlic look looks all guys around and about this very accurately called it Well, not very accurate It will be enough for me slightly passe I think at least trouble I thought and thought little but I think
  • 11:32: I have done right so that guys this wrong someone It comes to me Minder's 4 no guys not and in the fourth first and and not for the first and not 4 correctly if you instruct take off valve cover when 4 build to go there It does not remove the club covering then you are correct 9 more can go wrong on the table
  • 12:04: tour tour tour now! we put signposted hi hi Hello and daughter with him and passes as my wires you cook
  • 12:41: there are a hundred years ago, it has the right I leave it as barrier fasten all she was there to tie chatter and now I'm not so much h is now given as a flour where Ali Baba key to I start to sit down here here to catch you there so right now, second
  • 13:11: second seconds fast guys flashlight set went well Well all the men I bazaars bottles work I will not be any
  • 13:41: Canada Boris did you know anyone does not listen now I
  • 14:12: drink and mother I guys I've been told say said Boris messy quickly may be clear I say slowly and once the children to to expose the ignition I remember this Many people ask so how and Th on any car as you want align the mark at the bottom there is a fitting
  • 14:42: Now I draw look guys Now picture a skate Now mark 1 2 3 is zero the five that's 10's there is such a risk Now this risochku We kiwi and so here draw align Now here it is here root position 2 April 1
  • 15:12: at the top at the top you do not know in some of them It is so to take and and it is necessary to wrap it is there in the project the price does not know or 1 Four Well, I do not know and he did not know anyone He does not know the world was given Eugene herbalist you something He knows like taught man and so look look here and eat the slider and Arise his or 1 and four since these
  • 15:42: the cylinders are in the top position We put on fourth day of the earth I was got guess plant them on their empty fluff, not as then you just lifting the cover here she did it April 1 is not important to wear like this raise this one slider exactly 180 degrees leave everything as all there are men's Chill zavedetsya men and machine everything
  • 16:13: zavedetsya look I did not do nothing all seen here Valerie will lie I do not have my leg I got the role I I did the first time Online with you here you see is what I see and perhaps others problems now will I have not turned no goof everything turned out and so men Hello from you had a good Operator I good denis Togliatti
  • 16:43: and he his mosinka Dennis to get clean now I'm going to do call downs but Valera Hello and costs Now looking for a Woman them, we, too, for repair So you see a city already they never run out of carbs and when I did all hi drowning communication on new movies