Session of fast calm and relaxation, treatment of a depression, sound sleep  See details »

Video subtitles:
  • 00:00: this session is cute
  • 00:37: for those who are difficult relax for those who periodically falls into a state depression or present pin-code for those who find it difficult fall asleep because sleep is so need found bodies during sleep the body is being recharged brain is restored and restored each lesson at latitude close the year and
  • 01:07: just listening to my goal bubbling level see alive you feel like every one relaxes muscle is your goal Levich here and now you
  • 01:37: feel yourself protected as if you immerse yourself in thu mu mu it is aromatic oils and not in the dark you smell you are higher in world where they flow
  • 02:07: milk rivers you feel sweet the smell of space could calm consider snow-white energy fills your body Wednesday as the light of the moon
  • 02:37: invoice moon pours into zone 3 chapter penetrating into the center blue center of the
  • 03:12: brain are born need observes a snow-white our inner mind scrap a spoonful which cool sleep brain in and falls even lower
  • 03:48: for men gave where we represent your shadows m begin and more expensive full of me snow-white erbes filling each your cage is okay we
  • 04:18: immersed modest milk of the immune system fills up only have no items not dense me it twist the spiral
  • 04:50: center of the forehead we are seeing a rotation spiral Euroleague glue it to you different flowers site is up sweetness of knowledge something sexual wolf better on the huge
  • 05:26: this one vladom or also have small big and to every being la chew solution cell do ready or in the pipe all are filled with electrical energy chance snow-white
  • 05:58: 1 time will understand without the other is his health it is necessary then the body recreation consciousness is sinking pose nut and just highlight the life of the net not me
  • 06:30: day is replaced by night summer on the axle axis and reinforced I run down to the eternal circle of births and stop tree eats kuru fire and earth produce methane
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