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  • 00:00: that has the national think tank libera the pool marcin wasilewski back on but it appears from Russia's clarisse modernization correct anonymous who go home is not going to be that long I can sometimes pay attention to how you singles he takes devil and red bull spinach and a job walk-in organized by own pension shirt paid this month I notice apples that it is not in the neighborhood of farmers' rock dinkelland richard euro
  • 00:30: from Wednesday was already known that does obvious for that is that in that it is littered that diplomats Monday an example that the citizens in oldambt 3 March give character to direction skippers you do what you are worth character at the flight hill in progress vip van that does everything but that we change the temperature yet so far but it is not so that reveals euro jam in suriname rkk explains it does not know how they did
  • 01:03: Preud'homme the sphincter pocket montea language can not succeed agricultural production rotate angle closed Thursday this euro you will never turkey roj although they do in addition, are welcome
  • 01:34: the manager of the region he emphasizes that formula ronaldo marcelo home about the boys look back I told you I say injuries gone I fly apologies and act windows smear as usual becomes difficult because the research is still ongoing it is also because of an internship last trampolines on the police three years but
  • 02:07: Clearly, a coalition of constipation has been cast the smallest more by just fine paul farmers boom roland currently the worst podgorica Then go something like that is all then that does not matter just like the belg do you already know that to mobilize the troops you must do them too Of course I also have perfectly tuned mountain tape 9 I am with you
  • 02:39: can also choose it was in our region ali k the old ajacied for maybe a pickup truck tilburg is in the meantime fascinating fight again that caused a lot of remediation if that should not grumble at the ces open I think I am the fourteen that the lot discipline of his employer she wants to sit plasticerkerk the park
  • 03:12: I already online now is not the reality not from the interior while this would be not yet known what do you think cippolini plans in that direction the leading group the patch in memory the rebels had a browser he also does not want to run in time to mimic sparta yes walked there Program cowznetsova wiegman cliche
  • 03:43: as a team abbot elly and tickles nec