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My saw disks. Part second. Sharpening  See details »

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  • 00:00: Hello this the second part of the video about saw blades that I have in work and now I'm a meaning to tell you how I I want it very easy and they are not making is no such I used to take all on the diamond and hand Exuding then look I st and walks once so imprisoning other syak though she not strongly felt but I decided to build adapt to it here
  • 00:30: I use a the past few first time on the night instrument Diamond is a regular Soviet nothing here such military Well, I think there is a terrible that's what this old wooden focus oak still German the machine is very old shelf minutes worth Soviet diamond all flat plate
  • 01:00: easy to mount and she fixture this is normal the angle of plywood Twenty of my laminate which have I have done here this salad to a double no laminate dovetail methane from the top may Typically, such a this washer also from
  • 01:30: laminate on bolt smaller diameter is your and so is everything is done by plug clamp fixed in such way out support right angle attacking a hand and here I then pencil mark it for different smile I had the zero minus 5 to plus 6 I also then
  • 02:03: It was normal clamps on him here with dog focusing on their Pencil this is how it working adaptation of
  • 02:36: marks obtained Now the corner get somewhere probably will be minus 4 -3 you can of course while doing some protractor so I just I look at anger leaving completely left and right way in a simple and get grip going to touch but it how to touch
  • 03:08: the script starts on aluminum I I stop and then start already so back and forth, and every tooth let there the same number of times about the same effort is desirable do it all for once it does Eric to pull well, that is, to uniformity comply picked up the pace and I went so rub each clove Well, let's try and what else should be said
  • 04:02: is that factory sharpening course better than this one here the old machine but there I also slightly beats clumsy to good something which has not yet developed Yet old this circle and I've got already have one this worked well Now this corpse the Still, this for imperfect. is no different if you take the point of
  • 04:32: I have here a lot of offices I tried it accurately approximately same result Nathan saw as it were, diamond like trade all kind but so would the factory for . still do not compare when new and discs Print at first pilish but then he did not saws it simply shaves after this sharpening or after you will give it is already somewhere on there some kind of office According to this zatochat have certainly will not then what's the deal just do not understand everything
  • 05:02: how to beat breast self the heel and the cry there we have super trade shows its there its there these prichindaly all like be firm but not factory sharpening all still on that and especially not different I but said that artisanal so I stopped wander through all these especially Affairs uncomfortable is there give the go take it all converted to a I sharpen the horror itself, and especially not bothered to
  • 05:33: that's all for today including