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Recipe of "Люби меня" salad; the most tasty salad

Recipe of "Люби меня" salad; the most tasty salad  See details »

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  • 00:00: All huge greetings izan from Gravity today I have become early in the morning I want to add that only the lack of lettuce which will show it a little bit and he It takes a course time and so I I prepared all products must be since yesterday evening and it is not I will be much easier now it is all we shall cut Fry, I'll show you and so take a look and here
  • 00:30: for this color I also I want to tell you why I did I guarantee he was that is so much on my practice we There were many people a lot of guests his love to all man so that Girl Women on little note if you want to someone new love you invited their male young guests you can safely treat him this salad and be
  • 01:00: I believe you guarantee He will come to you male guests so now salads such as clocks you see the show me and so products will need for this salad cooked chicken legs which toppled yesterday I left in the evening broth, not directly at I lay in refrigerator overnight mushrooms carrots onions Pickled tomatoes in
  • 01:31: I it is possible to take and pickled irrelevant 3 boiled eggs one boiled potatoes greens and here for fueling what I I wanted to say many people will not approached this salad this is due mayonnaise but look here mayonnaise French I it took most most easy even here written diets sour bean milk on it at We considered one of the best milk Bulgaria Genia from Ryazan
  • 02:01: those huge hello and But about what we Yesterday you wrote this is our mustard corn means corn can be different one species of sweet I I mean, I took small jar so I have it then This will not stand fairly well, as you We understand product it will be the good calorie salad now I'll start cook and downstream Children will be your I almost show ready so if by chance
  • 02:31: I do not fit head I think nothing terrible thing it is important to that you can see my pans proceed to the most interesting I mean the products you Now showing part of the products we We will have to go heat process that is interesting we fry onions that onions that we had cooked I have, in principle, I do not have time
  • 03:04: I left half hours but I have to cook this salad fry onions I specifically put the second pan same court fried mushrooms mushrooms look here It can be cut to any way you can circles can squares but I sliced wood sunglasses because we roast and carrots mushrooms necessarily that there were large fry
  • 03:34: love I put the object goods in principle I this process is ward fried onions and even we put orcs roast then it all We take out in this the griddle fried mushrooms but as long as I have the time meters and is not necessary quickly end
  • 04:04: on paws so that I want to say this salad dressings that I I found on the Internet and a long time ago it is called in Internet called It has become an autumn salad but you can bet because how could I not I want to leave the name of the salad because when you enter the spinous because I did not know out because when injected the name of the Internet Autumn salad and we
  • 04:35: 8000 species appears salads but I was just 8000 and said there coleslaw is eat those foods that meet autumn and since I I love this salad it I really liked only Ingredient I I introduced no prescription I added a little bit boiled potatoes here she boiled potatoes his real break and called autumn sky here often want to tender
  • 05:05: think of some renamed as It becomes narrow laying and forging fry stirred the and do not know what the name of this salad come up yet to add one ingredient and I must
  • 05:35: qualify for a new the name right now, while I He was frisky all This deal means morkovochka on terochke be sure to coarse grater I had already prepared those same cucumber we cut into cubes morkovochka eggs we cut and boiled chicken Mares section of the face Articles and opened here sliced and so something that should have been
  • 06:12: I fry I'm ready to fry only want observe carrots and onions where roasted since salad we calorie yes there will be on May and sauce I will be picked up here a little thing sets strainer do not know can be seen or not, and that's all oil where it is roasted she hissed at us and that is, we remove remnants of the extra remnants of fat and here let it even barely stand up
  • 06:42: cool and we Getting important process is design talent and finally to the sauce sauce here I half a tin of mayonnaise very, very dietary here I I added 3 tablespoons yogurt us the same diet most of the 2 percent milk and the tip of a small I added a spoon ie here mustard here is a sauce I
  • 07:12: need for this lettuce so now I proceed to salad decoration I take great means plate and I have is such fignyushka separate means this I bitch we need to have a salad we had a beautiful guests also I mean I daubed it vegetable oil so you can it was easier to get I start laying
  • 07:45: salad then I will already said that this no potatoes recipe I'm always the first layer Get enough sleep here this pictures how to make the bottom It means products not from products do not have any not all salt pepper I try to like this pour on top naturally
  • 08:16: add a little sauce do not be so tight the second layer we are he smokes divide the sum two parts to It left for another girls salad layer seriously awesome
  • 08:48: you say if someone not done just try it the same salt little it all little in health and pepper in place little black pepper until then we are Mushrooms are we we put only one
  • 09:19: layer need slightly leave for mushrooms in brief course all we tried it spread equally I Now I hurry I may be layers I put the mushrooms I put morkovochku each layer we have coated with sauce I now put eggs boiled eggs so
  • 09:49: do not forget to salt but in principle by all still all soaked salt again sauce gravy sauce greenery as we do here on
  • 10:22: products and after that we already repeats all the layers I was so packed Here's the mushrooms that I leave she is the queen of the king, and he Face up to the queen corn is put on Bulgarian means top to decorate it I put I like that mushrooms slightly mega Nitschke put and greens of the
  • 10:53: countries, such large leaves and most interesting point in We already started beginning impregnated salad started today and here a little bit I will clean and
  • 11:23: but by watching what krasoten we get here that I want to add If the virtual you you can see that the layers do not soaked can smear
  • 11:53: little remains ah beauty of David a little bit of a bipod sauce a light sauce a combination of self vegetable oil Now this hot mayonnaise to Anoka worried but at the same it's time to mix
  • 12:24: these products provide funky taste and here so we all mushrooms this we have guests we are should all beautifully make I will not be 100 times but try to talk 99 percent I am sure that this so will your salad
  • 12:55: as we call it, I he did not know such a he is so handsome all directly from themselves can simply call love me or you're mine Somewhere I saw a salad love me in French but there very different ingredient if we leave me love that's the beauty of Let me here and I write it down like a salad
  • 13:25: Now I have it I show here it near very nice view and all enjoy I say goodbye with a superior you necessarily a couple of hours a refrigerator that is not just when it's all soaked course
  • 13:55: It is this peach chow