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  • 00:00: I want to convert here this then your table for sharpening saws on circular saw it I I worked I installed with a drill slice like this here but I how it works I told Video bodies and grinding in a previous video here in my Basically I do not like what is on the cartridge drill acts lateral force we She is very weak and I have here
  • 00:31: Greg is knot so to speak more perfected just used it for sharpening conventional instrument is not here we have a drill separated from the side moment that It is acting on the axle thesis like this one course and to perceive and we have a lateral force here some clutch ie drill passes just I want to appeal our table once here
  • 01:02: adjust until I reworked
  • 01:58: machine we've got snow but piled weight electricity until has this time there were no accidents Well for the first time when heavy snow It was at about zero temperature much Wire cut short by village Four days is the time electricity nebylo
  • 02:28: try to cut blunt saw me now is 50 percent of capacity Food is pretty quite slowly Dose tight seen little smoke comes I after installation control on circular saw Basically 100 Percentage never
  • 02:58: Nipples Well I do not know is it likely special occasion, we try that would bob and added should ventilate it It happened on that not going anywhere the machine can be ready sharpening saws
  • 03:29: I had already set up under the saw some of how it works and I have previously told We have eight turning around which we rotate the saw resulting in tooth contact for the exact disk and sharpening limiter in this case Now I put it on a clamp abutment to us all the teeth sharpen equally here saw teeth sharpening angle alternate with through
  • 03:59: tooth so I did Here is such a layout I refer to the beginning sharpening through bitch I stand. one pass I I did any clearly visible part of the tooth we pumped half we second place aside from me development still here
  • 04:29: such a guide with fine adjustment he moves here there is a small screw to accurate adjustment position of support rather than know that this but until it happens developed further It may be other this configuration other design it is precisely to exhibit depth bores for saws after the groove
  • 06:15: outside of the tooth well, or back faces I also bored with the front face is fine accurately check it in the it was 2 scrap sharpening dedicated practical sharpening thanks for the drink
  • 06:45: Attention Do not forget to express their opinion it is very important