Vasiliy Nazarov

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Effective sharpening of fugovalny knives in house conditions  See details »

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  • 00:00: and so let friends Hello Well, I for operational stanochek to drag knife rolls 9 am, but the two pm finish It means test is Sharpen the two rules vapor blade sharpening but it turned
  • 00:33: perfect general I like mostly the elderly than it is before very well so I was able to take it off there's this hour adjusting Come on which that this is today I I love the height etc. on the side of here that it is seen Well, then put
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  • 01:34: if you have no one to tracks then and this is Now they are just so he You may tire bunchy if and so pave , request with the side War Muse Food otherwise why here check here between access to these it is seen . exactly even Arise good thing and this is evident from the same there is such a gap
  • 02:04: It obtained between knife and chased need this can be seen here We begin to drag that I want
  • 03:17: Lena so it occurs. We also have been be it's time to give them so here a little bit here chosen not to underwater next times and the gap pattern 2 almost May if all the time so back there on the side It is placed so that's
  • 03:47: All our rovnenko All capital all all while someone can help