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Sharpening of saw disks independently  See details »



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  • 00:00: Hello I want to I tell I sharpen a saw wheels here so homemade machine All this looks So what drives it cloud
  • 00:33: I want to basically drives Well, not really responsible to right angles so therefore as I put here 90 degrees CDs negative angle sharpener sharpen I was not quite good It turns and especially responsible wheels still give sharpening behind . costs approximately 7 rubles tooth well that is
  • 01:03: it turns the disc average cost 150 200 rubles hone cost disk smt say half or two thousands sharpening and 200 rubles as it were commensurate that is a good drive good for. at the price and drive such as the bosch for the frog up to hand-held circular here at this dimension is his that is, if the price give him into sharpening tooth 24 24 7 but it's somewhere 150,160
  • 01:34: rubles to gets still almost cost half disk so it makes no sense 2 sharpening and turns you can, and the new drive buy sharpen often have as sawed any nonsense and boards there is also a nail Now these raids particular disk I flew on and screw on the show, you see 1 no soldering
  • 02:05: Still all rubles of you anyway take it as great in general here these discs 2 oozes I did it all all this wealth Now from this winepress Interskol and Pskov and image ds magnificently the slide is that some of the pieces Particleboard and note here this machine's own
  • 02:36: winepress is worth more Well then all times of crisis when the dollar angle 30 rubles it cost about two and a thousand five hundred coin same disc Diamond's diamond sputtering cost 3200 ie the diamond blade 2 times more expensive than in the tachilu yet that is, the cost of and now that it is sold in 5000 will receive plus or minus further I do such a thing
  • 03:06: carriage with crate shaybochki forward quietly limiters until I do not what that you are sensitive to the touch whether the claim is sharpened I prepare wheels
  • 03:38: that is before sharpening its start you should definitely have but I have a bucket diesel fuel and kerosene that is, I omit there a day or two will lie down then brush more washed approach there are a lot of dirt huddled in English armani completely departs ie discs and by the way and even forgot say if you You will give the disc sharpening Now we have at mene Screamer work
  • 04:09: they have taken coin for what they it launder ie average of honor disc they take somewhere 30 rubles that they're just washed sharpening keep this in mind but again, this time the most important thing that should be save to disk if you go beyond the point give immediately until there is about five longer knife blades at once it does not pay well, this is always true Here are the tools do
  • 04:44: with his hands that It saves me time they have some means if the video was useful to share and subscribe to channel while yet