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"ПЕРФЕТТО" salad; very tasty and fast recipe

"ПЕРФЕТТО" salad; very tasty and fast recipe  See details »

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  • 00:00: all the great greetings from Varna and now I I will cook one talent and I want share with you this recipe and of course to hear your opinion let's get down so for salad to us need cabbage finely chopped carrot here me one carrot 1 Bulgarian pepper two small cucumber all it was cut cooked ribbons eggs
  • 00:39: about 50 grams smoked cheese of any kind type of meat it can be and boiled cooked sausage chicken and all this carefully mix cabbage is not specifically pressed salt to lettuce remained here such a lush newspaper
  • 01:09: anyway through a few times he about 5 salt falls salt pawn time we mix we take
  • 01:43: lemon and several dripping drops lemon and water with olive oil our salad is ready
  • 02:19: the salad is delicious very useful smoked cheese and him gives such a note piquancy but very delicious very I recommend try now i still like this our some of our salad I am ready for everyone to enjoy appetite