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We plant Cucumbers from "улитки" in glasses.  See details »



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  • 00:00: Hello dear gardeners and friends gardeners her again I met with you Julia me on your Channel eye to garden Whether in the garden and today we are with you We will talk about landing but dry planting seedlings cucumbers many say that area why yes I bother I go put you there seeds put cover with another film refuse all chocolate and died and stuffed but still I believe that if you You have greenhouse that course
  • 00:30: it is best to plant time to garden faster to get here This early production fragrant cucumbers delicious cucumber so I'm sure I general preference I give myself time father because sometimes even sometimes you sow cucumber and sowing flower bed especially if you sow germinated boots Agus cars there can even from myself I find and helpers I quoted ants just notice eat seeds
  • 01:00: eat the flesh Wallace from seed so Cucumbers do not germinate well Here seedlings, they are not touch so all Still, I supporter planting seedlings Well, let's a tight turn to the our January 1st and I'm planting Loew the glass should we you prepare I certainly cups planting cups from a glass substrate height 12 cm 12 tip in general, somewhere, about you now I
  • 01:30: we will tell the length cup will be 22 centimeter ie 1222 we make cups as usual fastening their stapler and if their put in a box here look quiet fits very, very pretty much conventional cups ordinary course many cups here will not go down to the bottom I do not box style I have a plastic bag Stela several layers
  • 02:00: newspaper in the moment why newspapers because when watering when I have Sprouts will stand in a greenhouse to low moisture has not accumulate on plastic bag so I'm a stele enough newspapers layer decent and And what's all the same I always I thought gone but how this is cups, too, and you are involved as well as the they fill the earth and I did it come to This is very simple pretty and I took the decision
  • 02:30: disposable glass that's it cut one and see what I doing that is the diameter cup of substrate should be so that we I came our with you I put the cup here and cup I start to fill it you like this earth I I adhere to best land I woke up from the earth me this muck Plot with garden plus I little added will return
  • 03:00: vermiculite so and so we look poured slightly tamped and as you can see very conveniently anywhere nothing It does not wake us the earth does not get enough sleep Basically all that's on box bottom Well that's because you We are with you fill our cups and movies perhaps talk close about cucumbers cucumbers I have you You see very well germinated they stand here in this Bible
  • 03:31: the kernel I half cover here and so in Currently I still standing there sprouts and cabbage what we do, I cucumbers always I planted on They fell to the toilet soaked paper and Ping Now that we let's do get down with you to cucumber planting I'll show you how I I do take well Well Again I have now is
  • 04:01: planter dance fix Pryce I am doing enough a deep well to the land is not crumbled can barely little to you add water so We prefer to work do with you quite like this Now rotate see almost to the the bottom are doing here a hole Now we are taking with you take cucumber cucumber He is very, very good Here is separated from toilet paper you
  • 04:32: look at what he root system the root system is not she is very disturbed good and powerful then what I do as a not sparing neither prescribing anything here I try it like this So you see, as it were well so I had fingers I push nothing worry that the roots little there buckled and now we need you here so here's a way to make take as though the earth
  • 05:02: around ie cucumber cucumber we also need seat be sure to so that at a depth of We just stuck cotyledon leaves Here again we do here so circular movements pretty good a hole birochku you can even go there pour water and here we pour some water little to sing we do not water cucumbers take our cucumber that we have with These are the things you sprouted
  • 05:33: I have this bucket or any container and neat neat like that disconnecting from toilet paper you look how good root the system is very good here at this again put back at this Here transplant cucumbers Cucumbers do not get sick, they they do not get sick very I feel good like that to pour ground again until cotyledon
  • 06:04: leaves and We continue with you but planting cucumbers Now, first I all the same to finitely advised to shed cups then here easier much easier plant and work if someone does not have so you Planters You may take some thicker rod and certainly not a pencil both here can be thick pen why because bun turns Now more pain great if we see everyone in of cucumbers very very good
  • 06:34: the root system very good here in this way very comfortable very good the way I showed you how to plant ugu how to plant cucumbers they do not have a way to size very successful and cucumbers here fits very, very pretty much here so I later to dive even before the the end that is put you I dive to put you of substrate will set once in the cup Well well here so still
  • 07:05: one their experience planting cucumbers I like you share Of course good you great harvests seedlings and you as Julia has always been me on your channel Whether in the garden the garden till