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Astounding cucumbers. The recipe of the crackling pickles for the winter. - YouTube  See details »

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  • 00:00: Hello dear gardeners and friends gardeners, I again pleased to welcome you on your channel and today we are with you We talk about cucumbers that is, both Bunchikov marinated I tell you today talk to your recipe as the day and cucumbers I had pickled we are doing salted cucumbers mineral water I told you how do we piled we you yourself or a cucumber today we are going to
  • 00:30: you do pickles that we have for this I need to give recipe you two liter jars for two liter cans we need peppers I love always buy mixture Paprika that is there and fragrant pepper and bitter peas Now this is called a mixture of peppers us It needs garlic carnation acetic acid
  • 01:00: Now I will tell you percentage is important 70 percent of diabetes sand and as always continued our greens is kenzo dill and parsley us You need a funnel I always you advertise very and convenient device drain water Now I will I tell you what I'm doing I Salts cucumbers I I love at first on the bottom banks here to you
  • 01:31: I was seen to get enough sleep little greenery here so I put garlic I cut always coarsely about 2 cloves garlic and I begin to put the bank filling cucumbers I used to cut cucumbers and tips stacked cucumbers like that in a jar in
  • 02:03: liter put cucumbers Amurchik delicious crispy possible to cucumbers It was smaller little gherkins it is even better but I here are cucumbers and very convenient namely quart earlier in the Gulf three-liter jar and Now liter opened and eaten like no problem when you put a
  • 02:33: you here so you can see one layer of cucumber I take again peppered generously ie dill herbs kenzo and parsley can be put another clove garlic as another and we continue to put jar filling cucumbers I first set them its cucumbers and so
  • 03:03: I put topsheet them like lying because so convenient as it comes More cucumbers here so filled our Bank we have it fill you tightly-tightly density tried fill tightly less than an hour Do not frightening rate It happens less You are not spoiling here I have probably
  • 03:35: enough top Again, we sprinkle here so when the greens Bank we filled it remember the cucumber and I leave so voronochku and pour boiling water boiling here So I pour Now the bank is fully so I want to tell you cucumbers to success cucumbers
  • 04:05: close top Cover success cucumbers not to cucumbers they can explode warm and well enough cucumbers fill once boiling here we the Gulf for the first time boiling renting cucumbers stand they are as much in I've always I define a jar I can pick up to drain means cucumber ready so that we could at their
  • 04:37: pour again here filled look once imagine they keep it about 10-12 minutes remove the lid take closing device and merge leaked water all the valley 12 minutes we opened take the amount you
  • 05:08: fill other water again with boiling water pour water should be all the time boiling hot water We filled in here and give they stand for another 12 minutes, that is, they have We are well with you warmed cucumbers the second time when I'm just in a hurry lest I distract you even long cucumbers
  • 05:38: should a second time change the color, they have become such like olive Colors Now that we do until we have cucumbers They are heated with you that is, my Gulf the second time we have a brine to fill these our cucumbers I give you another again I say prescription two liter jars on 3 or into two liter Well that banks take with
  • 06:08: you per liter per liter take liquid pepper Paprika mixture throw throw a little two or three nails Chenki but it is 5 who likes who not like that's thrown two or three clove Now we are taking with you tablespoon slide it to the pile of salt here pour and 2 tablespoons
  • 06:39: tablespoons granulated sugar sugar we you like this not sprinkle with slide without tablespoons like that stopped all how to share different our weight, and now we it should be with you put on the gas and
  • 07:10: bring to a boil, we with you flooded doubly cucumbers boils splitting cheeks boiling water first just 12 minutes Gulf We stood for a second time filled in 12 minutes they We stood in the meantime we have prepared with you Marina is now that we do we take here this adaptation close the jar merge the merged water entire amount of water mouths
  • 07:46: so now we need to add essence Acetic acid 70 percent on quart jar we add one teaspoon spoon on a two-liter bank 2 teaspoons on the three-liter 3 teaspoons ie each summer we add one teaspoon Now we take a spoon
  • 08:16: we'll get out of here some peas pepper our with our marinated and pour hot marinade jar of pickles hall that is on quart jar in morenada out exactly half-liter flat
  • 08:47: half a liter now we we take a close cover sterilized and roll up our cucumbers cucumber and roll out very delicious I became certainly uncomfortable rolls 100 and I roll up sitting
  • 09:17: it is inconvenient cucumbers are obtained very tasty crisp stand they can not only cellar in the basement but room in the house who no fuel cellars as we can of our We rolled it and take like that flip until cool I'm not your cucumber
  • 09:47: I recommend wraps a blanket because they not obtained crispy cooked due to the fact that we do triple fill cucumber never warmed do not explode and out very tasty and crispy Here's a recipe from I have something I do cucumbers manner cucumbers obtained delicious so if you some will be me questions about
  • 10:17: this recipe ask send These questions can be ask me and why I did not put here all the currants if you can put a sheet currant cherry leaf but please just as if the bank liter in itself little if I have I put these here leaves cucumbers fit enough so I always see every green garlic is there is something that I'm you
  • 10:47: I said this I finish my report good tasty blanks I wish you to do more in This year you in the winter it was very that delicious melancholy seams bye for now