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Video lesson. How to connect an irregular setochka from peak in the Irish lace.

Video lesson. How to connect an irregular setochka from peak in the Irish lace.  See details »

Video subtitles:
  • 00:00: Hello dear needlewoman in this video tutorial we will learn to knit mesh with a peak in Irish lace As always, I I offer advance prepare motives Streak and all tails and strings and sew face down our patterns I have to the pattern motifs sewn just pinned beads since I will be flip over It shows you a job on the front side you They offer all the same to sew the pattern
  • 00:30: also do not forget to contact braid and immediately weave in it in lace etc. chop beads with needles such beads here on the tops of us have tune them to a firmer hold and nowhere reduced to work data motifs using a thread us from 395 meters to a hundred gram for knitting
  • 01:03: mesh, we will use thread maxi firm 565 meters per hundred grams and will use the hook number 9 I have already started our work in the previous I have a video showed how to
  • 01:33: start off attached to the the beginning the rabbit twig in this lesson we will learn to knit pico So we begin here at I already have a lot of associated mesh speak at do three or four five or six aircraft
  • 02:03: eyelets and the third petelichku neatly provyazyvaem connective column on Place 2 eyelets and air provyazyvaem post with a 2 sc aerial loops and We attach to our camping tune in for two always strings
  • 02:35: We cling to either 2 3 strings attains 3 4 5 6 aerial loops and also neatly in the third air introduce a loop hook and knit connective make two air loops and provyazyvaem
  • 03:05: column one sc dovyazali Next, do another six air eyelets and also third column conduct Clip 3 air loop saw the hook and knit trim connection 2 Air loops
  • 03:45: column one sc, and here we do not we will post with nakida here a column of beznakida knit thus we Box formed with different sizes different sizes
  • 04:20: cells have always get cling 2 or 3 thread doing 3 years 6 we type air eyelets and the third air loop even to knit coupling
  • 04:50: we will do 2 air loops and provyazyvaem post with one we nakida take the rubbish out aerial loops in the third air loop
  • 05:21: accurately seen hook and knit connection Well we dream true
  • 05:57: slowly slowly Bind we approach set goals column one sc three three-door 3 strings impose
  • 06:29: I capture all petals to our product firmly sat 6 typed air eyelets the third air
  • 07:14: loop we saw the hook knit and connective aerial loops back to his can make five
  • 07:45: 3 air also provyazat connection helping fingers neatly linking our peak in some places it is possible and
  • 08:18: not to miss the peak necessarily sure each branch of your choice how much you want for their easy mesh do overheated 6 take air
  • 08:52: loops and a third air loop and knit connection column one sc
  • 09:24: so we will knit up Unless We fill our empty cell of our beautiful cell of now I I show you how It will look to
  • 09:55: If the front side you are not able to first time not worry perseverance all will grind only repeating over and again we learn knit something that is much I remind all
  • 10:26: tune to They were presented in this paper you You can join the channel and see how they always tally no secrets at I have no Now turn on front side
  • 10:56: see what we turned and we got here so beautiful mesh with Spica different sizes Cells from the beautiful Peak in thanks for all attention and pleasant
  • 11:29: your creativity and progress to the next lessons until I