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  • 00:00: hello today we stratified weaving these are not very interesting and very I must admit that The more pletesh the more it interesting because offers a number of options that I want to try and more and more and More in general, gettin Well, not satisfying the first product and not the second even and here somewhere on 4 probably begins therefore I recommend
  • 00:31: who started tasted not received throw hack and on very interesting thing simple layering weaving day presented here here she would have a grandson little picturesque is not very much differs from rope that's why I began to try experiment further including here Now most of these First say the pipes also see what else holes and openings considered the
  • 01:01: there is not very tight but it is also woven It refers to the first samples at once and they are not very successful I will say the same samples We anticipate errors distance between struts should be a little here Get more distance respectively pattern lubricated's among those here too not very successful examples she unsuccessfully selected colors too, no matter how viewed risunochek
  • 01:31: that's a lot more I liked already But on the following product series of red dark here now is all Strangely enough but It's a puff and it and even here it is this here already sent to such an interesting two one-two but one in all this, too, talk and now this here's a sample of want
  • 02:01: you show well, will continue disassemble so to I show the parcel chosen here such the shape of the bottle a delicious drink It means one live exactly the same shape in order to distance between small stands were small So I took despite a small very short form so I still took three rolls four times what did you 12 packs
  • 02:33: grounds that is why distance when here my have already reached I start weaving stratified distance Victor very small between the tubes Yulechka let measure somewhere half half centimeter distance between small stands wants we did we wove conventional bottom 3 rows proplela usual weaving and at the end
  • 03:03: string of three tubules now to I could not get That is now well, as would be very expressionless before I layer-weaving I want a little bit play with colors I'm doing this for I want to insert here near each small stands we need to leave yet first dense yet on a single line which we will weave that we So I will be working I will do so, these
  • 03:33: I duct hard here too just want to Mark then we ourselves said on that distance should be it small as it is important Another condition important condition tube base We need to be tougher that we It turned out beautifully and neat and acquisition to the tube's Now these are not grounds wrung and picked up a tougher that is, they are out of my office paper and here I duct I use for weaving 300 is the same but they
  • 04:04: the quality of the different Now I have the newspaper tube watch it seems that one and when in fact it is considerably over the tougher and so I I do friendship with using needles do so here's a little hole you took the shape here and insert near each tube Based on the right still one tube I tried and
  • 04:35: dig and glue do not dig and I noticed that if they feel good go inside the glue here at all although if necessary least two three rows books comes the glue sure here at I still have the newspaper tubes painted hydroalcoholic Rental includes well so the glue here I even do not add here at last I tried without glue You know happened but You've got to be honest look I think experimental way if they do not will vylazit on
  • 05:09: course of the netting you can not glue so I I want to make yellow and 3 Yellow tube 3 black yellow 3 black My 1224 rather tip you can save this symmetry yellow three black
  • 05:41: inserted three black become yellow insert everywhere the right way with the help of needles Whether prepared hole front end which thinner country and so we Now next to each operating point near each point even on grounds one work we and now stood We begin to weave It means fish from plums and
  • 06:11: I reject the tube here are a few to It could clearly see tube base I am now taking working tube obvozhu on the next, and that's another following over the first under the second We try here right not to make mistakes We try as much as possible stronger bend that was not holes are usually It happens in the earliest
  • 06:41: the works hole in the first then when a number is not crushed well Now we take a look the following working tube plant in the first from the second rigidity of here These tubes here base our It helps a little and likewise perform following an operation on first under the second we Here is a
  • 07:12: hedgehog on So we all row We pass on the first Here is the second there in the end series will this feature in principle before the end of and a number of working came to an end at the rialto we are left with another is not involved small stands on the first under second and further looking up at us now only stick only in terms
  • 07:43: base means Now we look at the we have but one more 1 Year 2 on a deviated press down and now we have from because of one small stands You see two sticks 2 Working tubes here we take the lower which has nothing to He regained and a bottom we start it we continue uzorchik
  • 08:13: our task is to for each of the mnish rack space peeped one tube so look What we still do not involves all ie we have one the only unit here we looked for places what all series completed next row We begin the same way with any tube here She sticks out her us for the first time on 1 photo
  • 08:43: second 1's second we continue to run weave basis of learning get the most difficult moment in this weaving it here anoint tubes initially they tuck there is such that there is no option push through them before the start of weaving
  • 09:13: calculate number if you let's twist round style calculate number of standing in such a way so that We came out here here for 2 and then one of them we start from 1 2 stoechek base We begin to weave layering and weaving this option possible but then very difficult determine the thickness cost ie youtube I These well-calculated hard and soft, these
  • 09:43: we weave is fairly smoothly as if they will be the same here perhaps hall but these here rolls with and they will to find only then there 100 what is worth pay attention to it in the end of the series to take it is lower straw for to avoid confusion the end of the series as well as the principle of quite comfortable and if you weave adjust
  • 10:14: ducts to increase in beginning of the then source again end Now the end of the series Whether the installation of that we view as you can see Now two lower world first underwear dressed with over one Now 2 and another tenderer we have it, we need to
  • 10:44: send it all we continue on usually a braiding layering drags on the length of the tube, we added tubules dopleli through and We cut start weave usual rope through transition but here I liked this spinning once tube has increased the
  • 11:15: I've got here weaving it into two the length of the tube so Now second tubes have over now what I do is the like an easy way there are other means they are a little bit later we'll most easy way I crop the end cut in a way to the working tube slightly
  • 11:46: we go for work small stands why crashed I'm just in the case very brave why because there first one the bottle holds the other I know that the hand Now rope and plump pressed under this layer and no where they these tubes week so I do not promazyvat immediately So crop the tube cut We begin to weave string of three tubes at the bottom on top of my son and and
  • 12:17: our frame the pattern well pressed down environment not even glue secured and because bottle in the middle to allow such liberty not secure very good presses and such way our
  • 12:47: cut tubes I fix, too reach wove changing tubes 1 and I cut these changing 2 leave us workers changing to black so now must to forgive rope two tubes to rest I had that is symmetric So you see a girl from
  • 13:17: three tubes Our pigtail on by word again IS-3 rope successfully I passed usually from rope two tubes dark color so and ending with the hare and positively I left a note to handle for that then on the bottle it will be hard fill the tube so I'm already in the course weaving left tube to handles this handle It will be a little more
  • 13:47: leave and reduced china Now it happened the easiest layer-weaving next time We describe the options