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  • 00:00: Hello today we will cook french fries in at home for we need this potatoes ordinary knife salt sunflower oil refined gas Labor and colander but We are unfortunately there was only one with a small hole on more power in
  • 00:31: the pot is poured bottle sunflower oil on fire bring to boil for a while we must clean potatoes and chopped you straws and so now we have cut french fries here such pieces and Now we it to sting so ours sunflower oil warmed up now we we'll throw it at him our potato is drunk and so Astana is not busy for 10 15 minutes
  • 01:01: after frying card you can water you do not bet during behind or the stock exchange has come ten minutes ours potato has acquired beautiful golden and after which we and scl served a plate sprinkle with salt and so french fries in home conditions already ready we pulled it out everyone threw it in there it is in this dish they salted and now
  • 01:31: you can eat it why to use subscribe to our channel thank you for viewing and enjoyable appetite